DailySport’s full report from the latest Queensbury Boxing League show

_MG_2521-2As a sponsor of the evening, the Dailysport was delighted not only to be reporting on the evening, but was impressed with the calibre of boxing on the evening.


As always, the dynamic duo (AKA – Alan Foley and Ross Minter), put on an excellent evening of entertainment for the hundreds in attendance, giving a Vegas vibe outside the ring, and fifteen gritty bouts inside. The evening was attended by a host of boxing aficionados and champions, including old rivals and ex world WBU champs, Wayne Alexander and Takaloo, and Big Danny Williams. In fact, Alexander was helping to judge the first four bouts. I had the pleasure of sitting with these guys most of the evening, and listening to their take and appreciation of the evening was fascinating.


Down to business. The first fight of the night was at light middle, with Anthony Ayinde against Ashley Dansie. For the first couple of rounds Ashley was applying the pressure on Anthony, taking advantage of the short two minute rounds and throwing some hard shots from the outset. Anthony was responding with some looping hooks, but unfortunately Ashley saw most of them in advance and from a judges perspective was landing less than he was receiving. A lot to be said for working behind the jab….    Round three both men went for broke, with (in my opinion), Dansie getting the better of the exchanges. As the ring girl walked in with the card for ‘Round 4’, both fighters turned to their trainers to say, ‘What the hell is going on? I thought this was a three rounder???’  Thankfully, it was just an error from the ring girl, which neither fighter begrudged her!  The result – A majority decision win for Dansie.


Second fight of the night was at cruiserweight, with 5ft 10 inch Matt Hilliker taking on 6ft 5inch Adie Eckworth. From the second the bell sounded, Hilliker went on the attack, with the axe, looking to chop Adie down with powerful hooks to either the body or head. Adie showed no signs of fear and simply covered up, used the ropes to slip and slide punches, and counter with his own. Second round was more of the same. Third round I gave to Hilliker, simply landing the bigger shots and keeping busier than Adie. The result – Adie wins, using ringcraft and straight counter punches. Would like to have seen these guys go to five rounds though as Matt seemed to be having more success as the fight developed…


The third fight was a four rounder between Nathan Hutcheon and Tom Dolan, for the vacant Novice Middleweight Title. First round Dolan was having success with the cleaner work behind the jab, and using the ring space to his advantage to place his shots, but to also defend from anything Nathan was throwing his way. Second round I gave to Hutcheon, as he demonstrated some great lateral movement, avoiding punches, and countering off the crouch. Rounds three and four Dolan was some heavy straight rights with great success, and the last round saw both fighters leaving everything in the ring as they went toe to toe.  A thrilling fight which I saw Dolan landing the more accurate of the exchanges, but nonetheless a treat so early on in the evening.


I managed to catch a few words after the fight with Dolan, as he sported the Novice Middleweight Belt over his shoulder.


PZ:      Congratulations on your win Tom. My impression from the first round was that you seemed very calm against a hard hitting and aggressive opponent, and was able to pick Nathan off with straight punches.  What was your game plan?


TD:      The plan was to box behind the jab all night. The guy I had originally prepared for was a come forward fighter, renowned for throwing big bombs, so style wise I was ready for Naethan. Being a little shorter than me, I realised he was going to need to come on the inside of me and get the body shots going, but my jab seemed to keep him at bay, and let me unload the right hand on occasions also. I was happy with how the fight panned out.


PZ:      You seemed very comfortable in there. Do you wish you could have had another four rounds in there this evening?


TD:      Definitely. I’ve been training with professionals doing eight three minute rounds, so my stamina was never going to be in question. The guys I’ve been sparring with have been as high as heavyweight, so this also helped me out in terms of facing hard hitting adversaries. My trainers had a great strategy doe me to follow, and I’m very grateful for the training camp they put me through and they way we executed it this evening.


PZ:      What is it about Queensbury that made you want to box on their shows?


TD:      I think Queensbury is a fantastic set up. I’ve attended a number of professional fights which are nowhere near as well run as Queensbury. You get the opportunity to build up a fan base and repay them with an electric atmosphere on the evening. You also get to feel like a celebrity on the day, and fundamentally get matched up against good fighters from all over the UK, such as Naethan this evening.


PZ:      Where would you hope to go from here?


TD:      I’m hopefully going to defend my title and then move from novice to senior middleweights. I’ll be keeping an eye on Dan Maguire and Nathan Leeson later this evening. Perhaps I could be fighting the winner of that bout at a later date.



Fourth fight of the night was an explosive affair, as Mussey Daniels took on Jason Veares, for a Middleweight Title Eliminator, over four rounds. From the opening bell Mussey unleashed a battery of punches on Jason, forcing him on the ropes and with very little response. The inevitable happened in round two as Mussey landed a massive left hook and knocked out Jason.


Marc Wimbledon and Giz Warambwa were next up, fighting for the Vacant English Welterweight Title over five rounds. From the opening bell, Giz demonstrated great lateral movement, off which he was landing some great body punches on Marc. There was a definite pattern throughout the fight. Giz takes over the first minute, then breathes heavily for the last minute. Not sure if his stamina was in question or he was getting tired hunting Marc, but either way, he deserved the points win, demonstrating continual success with the right hand, which was also reflected in a heavily bruised right eye on Marc.


David Cove successfully defended his Southern Area Welterweight Title over four rounds, against Cameron Paul. Working behind the jab Cove was able to load up to some heavy assaults on Paul for the first two rounds, with Paul attempting to be the aggressor in the third, but not getting his feet set to find the haymakers. By the fourth round, both Paul’s eyes were heavily marked and there was no surprise that Cove won a unanimous points decision.


Southern Area Lightweight Champion Danny Parsons steamrolled his way to a second round stoppage over Kingsley Steambridge. From the outset, Danny took advantage of an his opponent’s guard, setting him up with the jab, before landing some thunderous straight rights. Kingsley stuck his chin out to Parsons, and Parsons obliged, however, after being tagged by the second and third punches, the referee should have stepped in. Kingsley was in no condition to carry on, and the audience were not too happy with the third man in the ring.


Next up was the charismatic ‘Cuban Missile’, Yisan Rodriguez, against Paul Morby. Working behind an orthodox jab, Yisan produced a heavy knockdown in the first round against southpaw Morby, and truth be told, I was surprised Morby made it to the bell. Yisan dominated the rest of the fight, but on occasions left himself vulnerable by constantly dropping his hands. His worst work came when he insisted on switching to southpaw, thinking he could out hit and outwit Morby further. If he sticks behind the jab, uses his range and speed, he would not have been any less charismatic. An unpolished diamond to keep your eyes on… The result – Yisan the winner by a unanimous points decision.


The headliner was next. Dan Maguire against Nathan Leeson for the Vacant British Light Middleweight Title, over a five rounder, which certainly didn’t disappoint! The first two rounds I had to give to Dan. I thought he was producing the cleaner work, and it was obvious his work at the ibox Gym, training with the pros had paid off, as he was working behind a very orthodox game plan. Round three I gave to Leeson. He landed a peach of an uppercut, which landed on the button, but didn’t take his opponent out, but certainly got a roar from the audience.  Round four was very close. Both fighters having success with their respective gameplans, and round five saw both fighters go toe to toe, Mexican style for another incredibly close round. The verdict was a draw. I edged it Maguire’s way on number of successful punches landed, but do not begrudge the result. I would love to see the rematch….


FT9065Tenth fight of the night was between Ricky Peacock and Ollie Grundy, at light heavy. Peacock started the bout by dishing out the punishment, but ran out of steam the later half of the round, and never seemed to recharge his engine from there onwards. Ollie, somewhat unorthodox was swinging wildly at Peacock, but managing some success, including giving his opponent a bloody nose. Both opponents landed heavily in the third, but in my books, Ollie won the fight. The verdict – a majority draw…


Next up was Jason Felix against John Hefford. A very messy affair from the outset. Hefford suffered a thumb in his left eye within the first minute, which caused him some vision impairment. He reacted by launching some very heavy shots, which saw both fighters falling through the ropes.


Second round, Felix was far busier, with Hefford holding far more, and both fighters getting frustrated. Rounds three and four was more of the same, as wrestling seem to be more of a focus than boxing, and round five they both left it all in the ring, with Hefford visibly the more tired of the two. The decision was a majority draw. I think that’s about right. I could easily make a case for either fighter to have been the victor, as they both landed some great punches and both possess great skill, but this was a stinker of a bout. I’d like to see a rematch, with a very strong referee, as this fight did neither fighter any justice.


Tony TNT Bange beat Marc Dwyer over a comprehensive four round unanimous points victory, to extend his unbeaten record to 5-0. It was a one sided affair with little back from Dwyer.


Next up was the muscular Marcus Blount against a slightly ‘unmuscular’ Michael Pilditch. Looking at the two fighters, it would seem that Blount would be the fitter of the two and possibly the favourite, as he had a 1-0 record, versus a 0-3 record from Pilditch. However, on the evening, Pilditch reminded me, in flashes, of John McDermot. Fast hands and a relentless attitude. It was no surprise that Pildicth won all three rounds to take a unanimous decision.


Rob Muir beat Ben Edwards in a novice three round light heavyweight bout. Edwards gave me the impression that he had dynamite power in either hand, but spoiled the show by holding and working (unsuccessfully of the back foot). Final fight was against Lee Renshaw and Chris Brill at cruiser. Chris won a unanimous decision by using the jab and boxing skills against a pressure fighter with heavy bombs.


A great night in all, and Iook forward to the next one!

All photos taken are credited to Samantha Wordie Photography





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