EXCLUSIVE: Japan K1 Fight Club for Sugden

Chad Sugden is going to be big in Japan after joining the world’s No 1fight club.  
At 19 years old, Sugden is one of the youngest fighters to be handed a K 1 contract – and he’s also the only Brit on their books.
K 1 bosses handed Sugden a long-term contract after he won the ISKA world middleweight kickboxing title – and the Newark star fights on their show in Mallorca on Saturday, September 14.
Sugden has been fighting competitively since he was seven years old – losing just five of more than 100 amateur and pro fights – and is now set to be a global star.
“I want to be the No 1 fighter in K 1 and that’s why they’ve given me a long-term contract,” said Sugden.
“K 1 is massive in Japan. It’s bigger than Premier League football is over here.
“I get recognised here, but it will be a different level in Japan and I’m looking forward to it.
“I was offered a professional boxing contract as well, but K 1 was always my first choice.
“Kickboxing is what I’m best at. This is a massive opportunity. This is my chance to get to the top of the world.” 
Sugden hopes to open the door for more Brits to compete in K 1 – including his kid brothers Regis and Bailey.
Both are showing plenty of promise in the amateur ranks and Chad reckons the Sugdens could be the Klitschkos of K1 !
Brothers Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko have dominated heavyweight boxing for a decade and Chad hopes Regis and Bailey will follow him into K1.
“They are beating everyone and winning titles,” said Chad. “They are strong and give me a good spar. I’m worried how good they will be when they get to my weight !”
All the brothers are trained by father Dean at Suggy’s Gym and he said: “K 1 can see Chad’s potential and that’s why they’ve signed him on a long-term deal. Chad doesn’t just want to compete in K 1, he wants to dominate.”

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