EXCLUSIVE: Richard Towers is planning a repeat of his prison punch ups in his battle of the big hitters Down Under.

Towers heads to Australia to face Lucas Browne next Thursday in a heavyweight clash that promises don’t-blink thrills.
Between them, Towers and Browne have 30 wins – 25 of them by knock out.
The winner should get a crack at Commonwealth champion David Price.
Towers didn’t start boxing until he was 27 years old after learning how to use his fists in prison.
He served six-and-a-half years for his part in a kidnapping and the Sheffield power-puncher said: “I had 12 bare-knuckle fights in prison and won them all inside 30 seconds.
“I just went in there swinging out of panic – sometimes I was throwing punches with my eyes shut – and luckily I caught them before they caught me because I fought some big lads.
“I fought a 30-stones lad and I just swung a left hook that he ran onto. I felt the ground move when he hit the floor ! I remember thinking: ‘Thank God for that.’ If he had got hold of me, he would have ripped me apart.  
“I thought I could fight until I went to a boxing gym.
“I sparred people like Kell Brook and realised that brains always beats brawn.
“I enjoy every minute of my boxing. I don’t cut corners. I’m in the gym seven days every week.
“I’m just glad to still be here because I’ve been shot at, stabbed, hit with pool balls and pool cues. I’ve made a few wrong choices and I really believe I have got someone on my side.”
Towers says he owes his success to Brendan Ingle.
He lives on the same road as the Ingles’ gym where Prince Naseem Hamed and Johnny Nelson learned the skills that took them to the top of the world and said: “Brendan brings the best out of people. Confidence is everything.”

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