Action packed midweek round up

Welcome to this week’s column with more action than and episode of “Made in Chelsea” all crammed into one page.

Right then, I can smell the summer coming and with it comes a whiff of the World Cup. I think we all have been quite reluctant to comment on England’s chances this tournament with a large split between “we have a squad that’s young and inexperienced, a team that will come good by the next tournament”  and the other half chanting “ football’s coming home with the same belief as before”  with the usual we will win it attitude. I have to admit I was in the first category but now I’m full on in the latter….. I think we’re going to smash it…. I just wish Yaya Toure had a English nan!

So onto the Premier League, what the hell happened this  weekend?

That game in hand was gold dust for City. To be fair I looked at the table and thought that Liverpool had it wrapped up but obviously not ! Gerrard went from hero to zero which in a sick way made me chuckle a little bit.  Chelsea had them in their pockets the whole time.   Mourinio had everything spot on AGAIN! 

I actually thought Liverpool could afford to lose that game but obviously I had my maths wrong.  They have essentially thrown it away with the Chelsea loss and I have to say they looked awful, not sure they deserved it.

City on the other hand stormed into contention with that man I mentioned above being the driving force. Yaya Toure has to be one of the success stories of the premier league.  The guy is quality.  His goal on Sunday reminded me of  Henry back in the day for Arsenal. He’s a unit of a man and can play anywhere.  I know Suarez scores goals but as far as the all round player of the year Yaya wins for me hands down and truthfully he should have had it the last two years easily.  Another win for the sky blues at Goodison Park and the title will be theirs I think but I’m sure the mighty Hammers will make them work for it last game of the season.

At the other end of the table, it’s just as open as the top really, loads of teams are capable of going down West Ham being one of them. Cardiff unfortunately (bar  a miracle) look down and out which is a shame as I’m 100% certain Makay would have kept them in the league easily.  I fancy Sunderland to stay up with the fixtures they have coming up.   Unfortunately for Norwich they look like they could slip as they have some real tough ones coming up.

 The cull has already started with managers this season,  a fair few have already parted ways with their respective clubs with David Moye’s being the big news sacking of the year.  The end of the season will see the a few more. 

West Ham have lost their last 4 on the bounce again with a couple of tough fixtures coming up against Spurs and Man city.  I hate to say it but I think it’s time we parted ways with the big man. The target should not be survive its should be progress.   Nobody wants to just survive.  That is what is happening at Upton Park. He’s not getting the best out of players.  Letting Morrison go was a big risk, a risk that hasn’t paid off. I’m pretty sure they will part ways at the end of this season. Replacement-wise, I’m hoping QPR fail to get promoted and Harry comes home.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsen Wenger parts ways either.   I know it’s an outside shot but he’s had a great shift and the money’s there for him at Monaco. Arsenal will not spend, it’s hard for him.

The other obvious one is Cardiff, with that crazy clown owner anything could happen. I’m pretty sure he’d play himself if he could fine short to fit. With his record of firing perfectly capable managers, I’m sure he’d manage to sack one who’s not performing.

Cardiff need Tan out, the blue shirts and the badges back.  They need to get their heads down. They never stood a chance with all that was going on behind the scenes. Tan may do a runner as his head is wanted in Cardiff anyway at least this paves the way for a decent owner to come in and get the immediate support of the fans back by changing back the identity of the club.

It’s a shame most clubs are now more focused on a business plan rather than a sporting plan.

Manchester United and Spurs are also due new managers so we will see what happens.

It’s mad how we chop and change but that’s the game.

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