Footballs coming home

Welcome to my midweek column.

So the winter has finally gone and the spring has brought the sunshine.  The sun’s out, so it’s guns out is what I say.  Not the peaww peaww type… but arms!! Although the things you see floating about the streets around here when there is an inkling of sun’s rays, one might not go  a miss.

So what have I been up too? Well a few good nights out in Cardiff and for the first time ever I purposely went out to watch a rugby game.  Well I had to show willing.  England v Wales was the match in question and not that I give a flying turd about the sport, I’ve had shit the last 8 years from this nation about a sport I don’t care about, so now its revenge time.   I managed around 8 minutes of viewing before it completely bored me to death so turned to the vodka’s instead for a little light relief. 

It’s actually quite amusing; the way I work it out is ……England are the Brazil of rugby. Every other nation’s biggest game is against England…..yet nobody English actually give’s a crap about it.

Anyway it was good to silence the Welsh they were piping up a little too much.

Moving on…..

The football, what a result for Wigan….. In all fairness I didn’t bet on them.  Even though they were a dead cert I knew if any team could throw it away its Manchester city.  They were awful. How Demechelis get’s a game week in week out is beyond me.

Cardiff pulled off a decent result that was actually a really big result for their survival chances. I know I have said they are done-for but mathematically they are not in that bad a shape.  Looking at their fixtures though I think they probably will go down like Swindon town.

Chelsea are now 7 points clear at the top and it looks like the special one has done it again.  It’s very interesting looking at the guys approach on things. What makes him “special” is simple psychology.   He’s very good at taking the focus off the players with just a snide comment here or a little compliment there.  It ultimately puts all the attention on him. It’s not just negative comments he makes as he can pay a manager a compliment with a simple “He’s a great manager and I think they are our main competitors” then puts massive pressure on that team.  It’s very clever and I’d like to see more of it.

Arsenal seem to be back on track, even though they are out of the title race and I think they will finish top four  which is not a problem but Liverpool are coming on strong too.  If i was a betting man ( and I am ) I’d go Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City then Arsenal in that order … Spurs maybe United for the Europa.

Going the other way:

Cardiff, Fulham and Hull…  So let have a look who’s coming up …It’s only worth touching base as that league is mental.

Burnley, QPR and ………………Leicester probably.

The main talking point with all the boys is the Boxing re-match in Wembley.   This fight is going to be mental.  Have you got your tickets yet? I cannot wait for this one have to sort out a mental night in the big smoke for it too….

Take it easy.

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