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Boooooooom!  What a coupon buster of a weekend! If anyone turned any sort of profit over the weekend I will be shocked.

The premiership was completely turned on it head, what a mess!

Liverpool were the only team to come out of the weekend unscathed! An easy win and I think they may have inflicted a low blow on the Fulham gaffer there but he’s gone now I think. Suarez has just carried on where he left off last season, banging them in and doing my Dream Team wonders. As for Fulham, well Martin’s boys have been a little bit shite this season. It’s not really on that a Manager gets sacked for the poor performances of  his team. Those boys are pulling in between £20-£90,000.00 per week so if they cant be arsed to work for it then he gets sacked.  Silly really, but I suppose it’s the same in any profession, if you can call it a profession.  But he’s not sacked yet so fingers crossed they may realise what they have and keep  him.  Top performance by Liverpool though.

The situation at Upton Park is starting to concern me now, stat time: West ham have put in more crosses than any other team in the Premiership.  They have 2 of the top 5 crossers in the Division yet we have no bloody strikers to get on the end of them.  Come on Sam! Use ya loaf son. Ravel is a top player who is itching to play upfront.  Chuck him up there and lets crack on.   I’m not worried for Sam his job is safe, he’s had bad luck with the strikers at the club but we do need results.  Too good to go down ? Nobody is!

What the hell happened Sunday ?  Man city were Muck!; Spurs were Muck; Arsenal were Muck; Here’s me singing all their praises week in week out and they do this to me.  On the other hand, Newcastle did very well.  Their keeper was like a pissing salmon. But the others were awful.  Fancy letting United beat you Arsenal and fancy letting Robin score.   He has massively long arms ….just noticed. Robin Van Persie is quality.  He’s a great player but he has free fallen down in my books.  What a shite celebrating like that after Arsenal made him who he was. I hope this is a hick-up for Arsenal, I hate Man Utd.  I dislike Fergie and I hate 90% of their overrated players.

But again to re-iterate, this is why we have the best league in the world.

I do think Suarez will either go to Arsenal ( if they win the league) or Real Madrid but what gets me is, all of the players know this is the best league so why go to a league in Spain where you only have 1 decent fixture to look forward to each year? Its pathetic, lets see Messi and Ronaldo cut it in the Premier League……the reason why those two are battling it out each year for the awards is because they are like 21 year olds playing against 9 year olds in a park…too easy.  Messi needs to man up and come play with the big boys.


It’s the international break now so hopefully ( for everyone concerned on Sunday ) they have a little time to think about what they have done.

Betting ?





The autumn internationals have started, Now that’s rugby, and for those of you who don’t know, rugby is a game for overweight footballers. You always used to get one kid playing footy who would pick the ball up because they were shite at football.  Well that’s rugby……its a non existent sport  where I’m from (Essex ) but in Wales where I’m now living it’s kind of a big deal.  Just like that advert with the farmers.  The Eric Cantona one.  They love the rugby boys here…It’s messed up …roid heads!  So anyway hope the English smash it because I’m getting stick over a game of which I don’t know the rules but I’m now involved. 

England should clean up if you fancy a bet on it.

So the festive time is almost upon us, what’s on your wish list for Chistmas?  Top of mine is a onesie that actually fits me (claret and blue will do!!) instead of catching me around the crotch and a Terry’s chocolate orange. 

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