Footy and Scum Ball Rally 2014

Welcome to the next instalment of my weekly column.

The weather is shocking.  It’s getting colder by the day and therefore it’s been a right struggle just trying to occupy myself this week.

Holiday plans are sorted, me and a few of the lads are going across Europe on the “Scum-ball rally” not to be confused with the posh one where a few hundred middle aged men going through a midlife crisis get in debt up to their eyeballs to drive  half decent super cars across Europe.  No! This one is a lot more interesting.  In each team of two you have £500 to spend on a piece of shit car that has to get you and your team-mate to Portugal, stopping off in France for a night out on the way.  Sounds a little “Top Gear” I know but It’s the best idea we have come up with so far.  If the cars break down then we’ll just leave them and jump in another teams’. If you’re interested in it then inbox me on my Twitter or Facebook page and we’ll let you know the dates and details.

So what’s been going down this week ? Naff all really. Being cup weekend it’s been pretty piss-poor as far as interesting games are concerned.  Most of the teams who should have won did win but nothing really to comment on as far as results are concerned.  I still managed to lose my bets though.

So I suppose the talking point of the week has been the bit of business between  Chelsea and Man United. What a good bit of business it was too……….for Chelsea…..What the hell is David Moyes playing at??…..what a twat. The one position that they had covered was a creative midfield.  They had Rooney and that little Belgian lad, so he goes and bungs  £40m in the back pocket of Chelski for a player that’s been sitting on their bench all season.  Where’s the striker and the five new defenders they need?  I can’t believe it.  I know he’s tried to pull off an Ozil but it’s failed and if I was a United fan….I’d be kicking off big time.   His Mrs is fit though.

Last week I spoke about how key this window was for  Cardiff and my beloved team West Ham.   It looks like they are doing the right thing. West Ham have signed a couple of Italians I haven’t heard of and Cardiff are signing a few lads that have failed everywhere else they have been so where’s the sense in that?  I may be wrong and it may be enough to keep them up.  It’s not about the personnel,  it’s about the other players having some competition.  When there is competition in a club then the work rate goes up.  We can’t all have the squads that Chelsea and Man City have but if the heat is turned up on a few of the main positions then it can lift a team.  I hope it works although I doubt they will both survive.

Nobody else seems to be that bothered about the transfer window.  Spurs are trying to off load everyone they bought in the summer.  Arsenal really need a striker too.  This Diego Costa who’s playing at Athletic at the moment seems to be a decent player.   I’d try and have a pop at Villa too who’s also there. If they get that striker and they will mount that title challenge.

Its funny how Man City are favourites, closely followed by Chelsea.  But its Arsenal who are top and have been all season.  They need to carry on doing what they are doing…they will have to be taken seriously then .

Over and out lovelies.  Don’t forget to inbox me about the road trip ! 

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