Match Midweek Milestone

Mockney - 14Hi and welcome to my weekly column with the sport. So  March is here as is the spring and it’s international week and time to have a look at what talent we may take to the World Cup.  Let’s hope  the boys shape up for them.

As far as the Premiership is concerned, it’s been a entertaining one.

Pardew stuck his nut on the Hull City lad…..and in my opinion rightly so! He blatantly pushed him so why not Andrew? You go for it. Joey Barton tweeted “he did nothing wrong and to get on with it” I agree totally! Ask any rugby player or supporter about football and they will tell you they’re a bunch a pussies.  He’s a legend for doing that.  We need to toughen up the sport.   It’s hard to find the old school tough guys like Julian Dicks or Roy Keane.  The closest person I can think of is Lee Cattermore – he’s good for a few red cards. The F.A can’t technically sack him as it’s the responsibility of the club but I think it’s safe to say he will be pushed by the Magpies before he jumps.   It’s a clear sign of passion for the game and these managers who slump in their seats pretending they don’t give a shit are not passionate for the game, they just want a nice pay cheque and a good sacking pay-off to follow.  The game is messed up.

One manager who is going to have his P45 is Ole….Ha  – the mess down in Cardiff is still mounting up with another poor result at Spurs, even though it’s a tough place to travel and only one or two teams are capable of making them look silly ( WHUFC ) it still goes down as a loss for the Norwegian and Mr. Malaysia can’t be happy.

Speaking of my Malaysia, how the hell can you change a teams’ colours and history, sack the manager who took them to the top then ask the fans for an apology? He thinks it’s only a few hundred who dislike him but I think he can add a few zeros to the end of that number.  It’s very sad how such a passionate fan base have been completely messed around. When they are sitting in the championship with red shirts and half the Norway, national team chasing the ball like headless chickens they will want Tan’s blood.

The Cup Final was an obvious result, although I was hoping for an Adam Johnson showdown finish….  Man City had their first silverware of the year (and to be honest I think it was their last too!)

Chelsea are looking solid in the league at the moment considering they have the worst strike force going they don’t half knock in the goals.

Arsenal are more “Goners” than “Gunners” for me. They have slipped up like everyone predicted they would and it’s a shame as I fancied them at the start of the season.  Maybe it’s time for a new manager there.

The Internationals are this week ……. lets have a flutter. :

Belgium, Brazil, Russia, Germay and wales.


Bye for now. 

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