New year footy madness

Well,  thank God that’s all over right? One good thing about the festive season is the sheer amount of action.  Hard lines for the cricket team in God-knows-where, throwing balls around on Christmas day.

The football season is hotting up now.  The stats are in full flow with only West Brom being the only team to survive the relegation battle after being bottom at Christmas.  Can  Sunderland do the same being in the same position this year?  I think they can but it’s a lot closer this year.

West Ham, Cardiff, Norwich, West Brom, Fulham and Hull are all shuffling around weekly.  Sunderland have a great chance of staying up. They have a decent team.   I think they will be fine.  I worry  for The Hammers with Carroll being out for the whole season.  So far it’s getting pretty  desperate down at Upton Park which is a shame because it’s the only position we really need quality.  You can’t have a team in the best league in the world without a strike,  it’s just plain stupid.  I hope they don’t waste money on some old has-been that hasn’t ever proven themselves in the league they have been linked to.  Look at Gyan…..he’s a decent player who was banging them in when he was at Sunderland.  I don’t think they have ever filled his spot even now in all honesty but the guy has scored 60 goals for a UAE side so he might be worth a shout.

Talking points? Well there are a few.  I said recently Malky needs to leave Cardiff for his own good and that the owner Tan is an arsehole.  Unfortunately, Cardiff have been the victims of what seems to be a giant puppet show.  Colour change, personnel change, he was banned from the dressing room and he even asked why the keeper doesn’t score.  I’m sorry but if a clueless clown like that takes over a club and starts pulling shit like that I’d be more than devastated. I have a soft spot for Cardiff being the local team but even to an outsider it’s poor form.  Cardiff are really going to struggle to get a decent replacement manager who is happy with being a ventriloquist doll for Tan. Cardiff need to hold on to their decent players as they  will jump ship if it carries on.  The likes of Mutch, Campbell ( who is close to a call-up in my opinion ) will go to a team with stability .  A few names have been thrown into the hat.  Eriksson, the baby faced assassin has also had a mention.  Sven is probably more likely to go as he doesn’t have a clue himself.  But, as there are a few decent strip clubs in Cardiff, I’m sure he’ll have their loyalty cards in his wallet along with the Tesco and Sainsbury’s ones, before long.  He’ll settle in very nicely.  

It’s a shame managers are not given more time now with six already gone.  Only West Ham are yet to sack big Sam.   Maybe it’s coming or maybe they understand sometimes it’s just out of the manager’s control.  The Boxing Day game at Upton Park was a prime example of two teams in the top league and what’s expected.  As a West Ham fan,  I was impressed, but it’s a man up-front that is the missing piece.

Arsenal are the team to go into the New Year top of it all.  The issue they have now is who will they bring in?  They need a striker badly.  January  is a very expensive month if you’re looking to buy! The price of a players is just outrageously stupid. It makes you wonder how far ahead they would be if they hadn’t let Higuain slip through their fingers.

It’s going to be a big name that’s for sure. My tip if you are a gambler, is Lukaku.

Manchester United look like they are going to clean Everton out, as Moye’s has excepted the fact Everton are a better team.  Top of his wish list I’m told is Barkley,  then Baines.  What a shame it will be if they go.  This whole persona Man Utd have and winning mentality has long gone…..stay where you are boys.

Spurs and Liverpool will also target strikers in the window I  think. It’s definitely a window of interest.

It is going to be interesting and expensive, like this festive season is turning out to be…HNY !

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