Galahad says he can be bigger than Hamed

Galahad PosterKid Galahad reckons Prince Naseem Hamed is a legend – but says he will be even better.
Hamed directed Galahad to the Ingles’ gym in Sheffield when he was a teenage tearaway – and they’ve stayed in touch ever since.
Hamed will tune in when Galahad and Jazza Dickens meet for the vacant British super-bantamweight in front of the Channel Five cameras in Rotherham on Saturday, September 14.
Galahad is planning to win his first major title – and put a smile on his boyhood hero’s face.
“I still speak to Naz on the ‘phone,” said the 23 year-old slickster.
“He watches me fight, then rings me up to tell me what I need to polish up on.
“Naz was an idol in the Yemeni community and we would always sit down to watch him box together.
“He is one of the best, if not the best, fighter Britain has ever produced.
“Him and Lennox Lewis are probably the top two and Naz is definitely the best fighter we’ve produced from the lower weights.
“People have said I’m similar to Naz and I take that as a massive compliment.
“There are similarities between us, but Naz was a banger – I’ve heard he knocked over heavyweights in the gym – and I’m more of a boxer and speed wise, I’m quicker.
“My goal is to achieve more than him. I’m planning to be a three-weight world champion – starting at super bantamweight.”
Like Hamed, Galahad’s career is being steered by the Ingles, father Brendan and sons Dominic and John, and it was Brendan who suggested his Hollywood ring name.
Galahad’s real name is Abdul Barry Awad – but he admitted: “It’s a bit of a mouthful, so we decided I needed a different name.
“When I was a kid I used to watch the film ‘Kid Galahad’ with Elvis in it. Brendan said Elvis was the king of rock ‘n’ roll and I’m going to be the king of the ring.”
Also added to the bill is rising heavyweight star Hughie Fury taking on former British cruiserweight champion Shane McPhilbin

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