Help support Boxing Hero Paul Ingle by attending his benefit dinner on the 10th May


I was born in February 1972 and my first name is Paul. Same year I was born, another Paul was also born – Ingle. I was destined to be a great boxer and should have won dozens of titles. There was only one fundamental problem – I was never that good at boxing! However – the other Paul was good at boxing. So good in fact that he went on to become a IBF World Champion by knocking out Manuel Medina in 1999. Such a pleasure to watch, Paul Ingle was even credited with a merit of Ring Magazine’s most fun fighter to watch in their 2000 annual State of Game rankings.


However, tragedy struck on the 16th December 2000 when he fought against Mbulelo Botile and suffered a heavy 12th round knockdown. Paul remained on the canvas for several minutes before being rushed off to hospital and undergoing surgery to remove a clot from his brain.


Although Paul survived this harrowing episode, the injury meant he had to retire from boxing. As with many boxers in a similar position, boxing had been Paul’s life as well as his income stream, and not in a position to continue with his trade, his life has been a tough challenge ever since. At the age of 27, this is something nobody should have to endure.


The Blue Glove Foundation has decided to honourably host a fundraising dinner to help raise funds for Paul. Further details can be seen on the flyer at the end of this article…. Sounds like a great night, including guests such as David Price.


DailySport caught up with Jed Rust from the Blue Glove Foundation:


“We at the blue glove foundation believe that people like Paul who have been injured in boxing deserve to be remembered for putting their bodies on the line, and we hope that this event will be the first of many to help provide Paul with some financial assistance and down the line we can help other fighters who have had to cut their careers short”


This is very admirable work from the Blue Glove Foundation, and I hope the evening raises a great deal of publicity and much needed funds. The event will be hosted at the KC Stadium in Hull, and Sky will be covering the event for their ‘Ringside’ programme. Ticket prices are £45 and £60 for VIP which includes a photo with Paul Ingle and David Price. Ticket price also includes a two course meal. There will also be a host of current and past boxers there, so please call 07780117302 and book your tickets now!!


Follow the Blue Glove Foundation on Twitter @blueglovefnd


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