Big Fight Preview – Herman Marquez v Luis Concepcion


When these two flyweights last met in April it was an epic battle and probably fight of the year. Both were down in the first and Conception was floored in the 3rd and the 10th round before Marquez prevailed in the 11th round.

It truly was a sensational contest and if they can repeat anything like that on a Sunday night then we are in for a great battle once again.

In the first fight it was apparent that Concepcion was the stronger man and literally went in the ring to destroy Marquez, he made no attempt to feint or disguise his shots he went in there and just swung away like a drunk kicking off on a bouncer on a Saturday night.

He paid scant regard for defence and in the end paid for this being stopped in the 11th also. However it must be noted that Marquez showed monster heart and balls sticking in there and winning the fight after some very sticky middle rounds.

It has be said that rematches like these don’t usually end up half as good as the first, but in this instance I don’t care from a betting point of view because providing Conception can use his head for something else other than taking shots and box a bit more clever he looks value to gain his revenge.

If he can show patience and a wait until he hurts Marquez before leaping in for this finish then I can see him nicking it  with a later stoppage.

Daily Sport recommended bet:

0.5pts win Conception to beat Marquez – 7/4 bet365


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