You have to take your hat off to Fury and Wilder

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I’m looking forward to Tyson Fury returning this Saturday in Belfast on the undercard of the Carl Frampton bill, against Francesco Pianeta.  I think what Tyson tends to do is box to what’s in front of him.  So, if his opponent is a bit messy, then Tyson can sometimes get a bit lazy and probably look a bit untidy.  But I expect to see some improvement from his last fight.  That was a non-event really, but you say ‘Ok, we’ll swallow that one because it was his first fight back after a long time out’.  But I’d expect a marked improvement because he’s got to get ready for the potential Deontay Wilder fight, which is being mooted, and Wilder is a very serious opponent.  You’ve got to respect Tyson though because, in my eyes, Anthony Joshua has found a way to not fight Wilder at this moment.

For me, Tyson doesn’t have to do anything to prove himself, he’s already done that.  He’s the man who beat the man, Wladimir Klitschko, so until he gets beat I’ll always regard him as the main man in the heavyweight division.  Obviously, Anthony Joshua is doing a fantastic job, but Tyson is still the champion for me.  It seems that Deontay wants the fight with Joshua, but AJ and his people have taken a business view and decided to go in a different direction, and maybe wait further down the line.  So, you have to take your hat off to Tyson and Deontay for potentially making a mega fight between themselves.  They are both fighting men, and it’s a fight I’d absolutely look forward to, and would hopefully be there for.

I’ve always believed in Tyson, and I’m close with Peter Fury.  If the fight does happen then, up until his long layoff, I would’ve picked Tyson but I don’t know what effect that break will have had on him.  Deontay is capable of taking anybody out.  So, if I had to make a judgement right now then it might have to be Deontay, because he’s fit, active and in the groove.  Going straight into the Deontay Wilder fight is a big risk for Fury and, ideally, I’d like to see him in against a higher calibre opponent first.  I’m pretty sure though, from what I’m hearing, that Fury will fight Wilder before AJ does.

I don’t know too much about Carl’s opponent, Luke Jackson, but Aussies always come to fight, and he’ll be in good shape.  So, I think he’ll be game but, with Carl’s experience and ability, Carl will get to him.  It should be a cracking fight for seven or eight rounds but after that Carl should stop him, or win comfortably on points.  I like Carl and think he holds himself very well.  I’ve met him a few times and he’s an ultimate professional.  He’s also great to watch, is charismatic and he can box but also comes to have a fight.  I really rate him and think he’s great for the sport.

Carl’s 31 now and when fighters start getting into their 30s people start talking about the ends of careers; people have written Pacquiao off but he’s just had a good win.  Every fighter is entitled to one or two stale periods or nights, but Carl looks fresh and rejuvenated and ready for another chapter.  I don’t think he’s at the end, there are more big fights left in him, and some smashing fights out there.   

There’s been talk about him fighting Josh Warrington in the future.  I don’t think you can write Josh off if it does happen, but you have to look at pedigree.  I know Josh shocked Lee Selby to win his world title, but Carl has fought at a higher level and, at this moment in time, I think he would be too much for him.  Josh will be a better fighter overnight after beating Selby and becoming a world champion, but I just think he needs some more defining fights before going in with Carl.  It would still be a cracking fight though, and with Josh’s work rate it would be very interesting. 


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