I’ve seen worse decisions than Fury-Wilder Draw

I really enjoyed watching the Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder fight.  I thought the build-up, and everything about it was great theatre, and you have to take your hat off to both fighters for putting their unbeaten records on the line, because they didn’t just fight for money. 

With regards the decision, lots of people are calling it a robbery but I don’t think so.  I thought it was close; Fury out boxed Wilder, and it was an amazing comeback from him because I was worried that he’d taken the fight too soon.  The two fights he had before this weren’t even mediocre fights, and to come back after almost three years out, then those fights weren’t good preparation.  So, it just shows what he’s got in him as a fighting man – and his ability – to put in a performance like that.  But I thought it was a fair result, I’ve seen a lot worse.  Some of the rounds were close; if you scored them to Wilder, and he also put Tyson down twice for two 10-8 rounds.  How Tyson got up from that second knockdown though I just don’t know, but he has amazing spirit.

Both their stock has gone up after the draw.  Nobody lost and, in some ways, both are winners.  I think there has to be a rematch, but it could go on the backburner because there are three heavyweight fighters in the world now who are on that elite level, and who can all claim to be world champions – Tyson, Deontay and AJ.  There are some massive fights for them, and they should do a round robin, and all fight each other.  And for AJ to say he’s the best then he has to fight the other two.  They are all big men and if one of them lands then they will all go; so, it’s a pick ‘em with regards to who would win between the three of them.  We’re very lucky though with the heavyweight division now, and there’s also some proper challengers coming through too.

Kell Brook returns to the ring this Saturday in Sheffield against the Australian, Michael Zerafa.  I think it’s a decent fight for Kell.  He’s with his new trainer John Fewkes, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he performs.  I think John will ignite the enthusiasm back in Kell – John has the sort of personality that will get the best out of him, and at this time in his career, that’s what he needs.  Kell needs someone with that enthusiasm who can help him to get up in the morning, dig in on the sprints and do the groundwork.  You need that kind of motivator and I think Fewkes will do that – the change will do Kell and his career good. 

When Clinton Woods lost to [Antonio] Tarver, Brendan Ingle called me and said, ‘would you like me to train Clinton?’ and I couldn’t have asked for anybody better at that late stage in Clinton’s career.  Clinton ended up training with Glyn Rhodes, who I get on with great, but I’d have liked Clinton to have gone with Brendan for those last couple of fights.  And that’s what I’m saying about Kell Brook – at this time in his career, where he needs freshening up and only has a few fights left, then training with someone new should do him good. 

Hopefully after this one, Kell will get the Amir Khan fight, or even the Manny Pacquiao one, if it’s there. I think Kell probably has peaked but it depends what you mean by peaked.  His body isn’t going to get any better physically, but mentally you learn from fights – so what he loses physically, he’ll gain mentally.  But I think he probably has two or three big fights left in him now.

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