Kingpin pinning hopes a Fury defeat


Kevin Kingpin Johnson faces Tyson Fury on 1st December at Belfast’s Oydessy Arena and the tough talking Yank says Larry Holmes has inspired me to beat Fury.

Johnson told DAILY SPORT “I learned from the best working with Larry Holmes at the start of my career. He’s a boxing legend and he taught me everything I know – he taught me all the things that Fury wishes he knew “It was a real boxing education working with Larry, he did it all in the ring. So I know that I have the tools to beat Fury, no doubt. “I’ll beat Fury so bad he’ll want to retire, everyone will see that on December 1 in Belfast. Fury’s just not in my class.”

Johnson who was in the UK earlier in the year when he competed in Prizefighter heavyweights at York Hall will have an up hill struggle on his hand beating Fury but if he can pull it off he’ll surely be in the money and back on track at the ripe old age of 33.



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