Let’s talk heavyweights

Obviously, Kash Ali biting David Price in their recent fight was wrong and not sportsmanlike.  In my eyes, he was looking for a way out.  He lost the plot, his plan went out of the window, and he just couldn’t cope.  I actually think Kash has a lot of ability, but mentally he’s not mature and, rightfully, he’ll get suspended for bringing the sport into disrepute.  I don’t know where he goes from here, and he’s going to have to take time to rebuild.  His reputation is badly tarnished.  I believe he needs a sports psychologist if he’s going to continue in the sport.  He knows what he’s done was wrong, and he’s obviously going to get a suspension.  I think anything from 12-24 months would be suitable, and by that time he’ll hopefully have matured. 

It was a shame for David price too, because it was a disappointing way for him to win.  I rate David.  I actually signed him when he came out of the Olympics, but a TV contract didn’t materialise and I had to let him go, and he went and signed with Maloney, who I don’t think handled him properly.  He got beat by Tony Thompson, who wasn’t a great opponent to match him with, and then they put him in with him again.  I don’t think David’s every truly recovered, to be honest.  I saw a different side to him the other night though [against Ali].  He’s always got that leveller, and I think you can always put him in with some quality opponents because, if he lands, then they’re going to go, it doesn’t matter who it is.  David will take anybody out in the top ten in the world, but he’s also fragile.  If he gets a clip he can fold a bit, and that makes him exciting.  If he can get an opponent out early then great, but if an opponent gets past five rounds then the odds drastically change against him.  As long as he wants to box though, he’s a danger to anybody.  I don’t think he’s been worked on as well as he could have been, his footwork still isn’t what it could be, and I think he could have been worked on mentally to be stronger.  I’d like to think I’d have helped him to work on that and avoid some of the drastic defeats he’s had.

Tyson Fury’s next opponent has been announced for June 15 – the German, Tom Schwarz, and I’m a bit yes-and no about it.  We were all looking forward to Tyson getting back in with Deontay Wilder, or maybe a Dillian Whyte type of opponent, but instead he’s facing this guy.  I’m not knocking it 100% because he’s fighting someone who is undefeated, but the fight after he has to fight one of the other world champions – either Deontay or AJ.  This fight doesn’t quite capture the public’s imagination, but I think you have to give him this one, and then make a fight with one of the big names afterwards. 

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