Magee and kessler come face to face in Belfast

Team Kessler travelled to Belfast today for a Face to Face press conference ahead of his fight with the ciry’s Brian Magee on December 8th in Denmark. Magee who is now know as the Dane Basher told DAILY SPORT “Mikkel is a great fighter, he ranks right up there along with the all-time greats. We have mutual respect for each other, but once the bell goes, it will be all business and a hell of a fight. We both have a lot of power, so the fans can expect a great fight. I’ve beaten Larsen and Markussen and now I will beat Kessler.” Magee’s manager Pat Magee added “It´s not very often that you see one-punch knock-outs in boxing, but Brian took out Markussen with one shot and Mikkel took out Allan Green with one shot, so this will really be a special fight. We look forward to it.”

Kessler who will challenger Magee on home soil come December 8th says “I’m ready to end magee winning streak”


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