Midweek footy milestone

The last week has been a bit flat in the sporting world apart from the Internationals, so I don’t have a great deal to touch base on. Friday was a good result for England.  They are looking organised but there is something that is not right for me.  The defence seems to be shifting and not stable, the midfield is a little dated and I’m really struggling to see what is so special about Danny Welbeck? Would he be in the team if he played for Norwich?  I doubt it very much.

Lampard or Gerrard? Who would you pick? Neither is my answer, Gerrard looks slow and for me he’s a shadow of his former self.  Now I like Frank he’s alright but apart from a penalty here and there I  can’t picture any amazing tackles or passes.  In my opinion this is the reason why we don’t advance further…..youth is the key , Germany, Spain, Belgium and a few others are not afraid to put trust in their youth.

The likes of Ross Barkley in midfield and Ravel Morrison are brilliant players and coming on although  a little premature for them they are on form week in, week out in the best league in the world.  If the Roonies and the Owens are scoring goals when they are 16 then why should experience matter if they are playing teams fielding players with the same level of experience?   I can’t think of one player for England who isn’t currently playing Premier League football.  I think it’s time the Gerards, Lampards, Ferdinands etc take a step back.  In fact I think it’s key to be successful in the next competition.

I like Hodgeson, he’s a funny looking man but he’s smart and the reason he got the nod over Harry was his level of involvement in the youth and coaching side of the game, which should be a must in any managerial role….talent slips through the youth so  there has been a small change in the times with a few youngsters getting a few minutes here and there but I reckon he needs to let them have a crack.

Qualification is nye and I cant wait for the net competition, although I’m not sure the striking options will be enough to really go the full hog.

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Betting this week?

West Ham

Man Utd



West Ham will do Man city, it’s home and the Hammers have come off the back of a massive win at Spurs.  Plus, they’re my team.  Chuck £50 on that you will have enough for a cheap runner for the Mrs and if you lose? Well you shouldn’t be gambling if you cant afford to lose it. I won a 4 team bet on Friday’s internationals then lumped it onto the lower league’s on Saturday which also came in ……shame I lost the slip ..  So remember when you win you don’t always win.  I’ll get it back though ….What an idiot!!


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