Daily Sport’s 5 minutes with Georgia Graham

DAILY SPORT catches up with BAMMA ring girl and model Georgia Graham in the run up to BAMMA 11 in Birmingham on 1st December.

GM:          Georgia so how old are you and where are you from?


GG:            I’m 22 and from the North East past Newcastle.


GM:          So how did you get into modelling?


GG:            Well lots of networking and really just a case of right time right place.


GM:          How long have you been ring girling for?


GG:            I’ve been doing this now for just over a year.


GM:          Do you only ring girl for MMA or do you do boxing a well?


GG:            I specifically do MMA as I love the sport.


GM:          Who is your favourite MMA fighter?


GG:            I don’t have a favourite fighter, as I know what effort they put in to training, etc so I admire what they do. I do enjoy watching Jack Marshman, Tom Kong Watson and Tom Breese fight though.


GM:          So is there anything you’d like DAILY SPORT readers to know about you?


GG:            I’m also an MMA fighter and have been for a year now and just love it. I also do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kick Boxing.


GM:          I find it strange that more and more models are going into fighting?


GG:            Yeah I do get a few surprised looks form some people when I say I do MMA.

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