Mockneys midweek milestone continues…from sunny Portugal

Well I’m writing this from a sun-bed in Portugal whilst soaking in some rays.  It’s been a fab week for me but has it been the same for the Footie?


So how many of you messed up your betting with United this weekend?  or City, or how about Fulham?  A fair few of you I wager.  United cost me a few hundred, which is twice in as many weeks and the fourth bet this year where one team has let me down.  I ask myself if I am actually getting closer or if I’m just not learning from previous mistakes, I suggest the latter.

So United, what a mess and if you are a regular reader you will see that my predictions for this year are all happening a little too prematurely.   Yes, I know I’m right but I didn’t want to be this right this early.

Manchester United are in a world of crap.  Even with all their best player’s in peak condition they are not competing with the most average competition.  Okay, I am not taking anything away from West Brom as it was a decent away win but United are not the team they were a few years ago.

Take Rooney and Van Persie out of the equation, there is not a player in the team who I would want or worth over ten million which in the current market is not much.  They already look out of the title and actually are one of my favourites to leave the Champions League pretty soon too.  I don’t think Moyes has it in his locker to pull this around for them this year, unless they spend big in January’s window.  But who is out there anyway?  I think all the top signing’s are content. Will he go? I’m not sure.  We don’t know what kind of a machine they are without Fergie but if I was a United fan I would be feeling a bit worried but on the other hand, as seedy as it sounds, I want to see United crash and burn.  A shift is coming and it seems to be towards

The Blue’s of
Manchester have again been throwing away points.   I’m not saying too much because with their Champions League form and last season’s finish  I don’t thinks they were ever title contenders.

It was another very impressive weekend for Spurs and Arsenal.  I’m now expecting Spurs to win games and was a little shocked not to see them turn 
Chelsea over on Saturday although a point was reasonable.   I was very disappointed with Chelsea, not because I expect more but because I made the mistake of putting Hazard and Oscar in my bloody Dream Team this year and can’t change them for a month or so …useless!


Arsenal were sharp at Swansea and I think you will agree they are two very good footballing teams.  As predicted the Gunners turned them over and how sharp is Ramsey looking this year?  I hope for their sake he stays fit because they have no depth at all.  To be fair Flaminni is looking like a good move too.   I know he was there before but he’s a work horse I bet Wenger has the smile of a Cheshire cat across his mug this week and rightly so, they are going strong.

Liverpool slipped up in the cup last week but in my opinion it’s one they didn’t need to be involved in this year.  They genuinely have a title shot if they carry on the way they are going and with Suarez back, they are strong.

It was a bad week for my boy’s West Ham.  They lost a couple of games where they should have picked up points with
Hull being the main pain for them. My biggest concern is that Paulo is looking for a new club and with Sam’s recent string of bad results they are lining up quite nicely to change over.   He was a legend as a player but Sam needs more time.  He needs the big man back up front to stand a chance.  The small wins are key this year as the shift in power means its harder to pick up points.

It was a massive win for
Cardiff too and an absolutely brialliant goal from Jordan Mutch, who I really rated last season.  When watching him during the home games I could see he was a good player who in my opinion, just needs game time.

Mockney’ bets this week:
The big clubs are clearly not worth taking a punt on this year as it’s far too risky to call it I would therefore suggest betting on the lower league games.
Watford, Blackburn, Peterborough even NottinghamForest have all been  consistent this year so unless they are playing each other I would stick to them.
I haven’t bothered with the horse’s this week but looking over some of the results it shows you can stare at the paper, study form and listen to as many tips as you like, you still have no idea what will trot home but if you did read my last column then stick to the Horseracing tipster on Facebook
He’s pretty sharp.   Or failing that, just get a pin and stick it in.

If you like a footy bet then there is one tipster I follow but you have to be patient and be prepared to bet a little, a lot rather than the other way around.  He studies statistics rather than form but again a good shout  and Hey, its free so don’t knock it, again on Facebook

So as I’ve said, I’m out in Portugal at the moment.  I found a local bar with a decent manager.  The only problem is he takes bets on anything you can shake a stick at.  Football, horses, cards , punching machine score’s, even how long it takes to get to places in the local area.  So its not been too bad  if you are a betting man like me.  At least there have been a few laughs when the weather has been crap.
It’s slightly out of season so you really have to work at it.  If you fancy coming out here on the pull there are quite a few Stag’s out here and many of them from
Scotland, so couldn’t understand any of them…… a little too much penis form my liking.

Next week I’ll be doing a men’s winter clothing piece as the chilly season is  drawing near.   I bet you cannot wait!!!   I may even be doing a piece on Strictly Come Dancing…who knows?  Abbey Clancy was smouldering.  I wonder if the big guy was watching.
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