Murray ready for some Argi bargy

Unbeaten St Helens middleweight Martin Murray says he has no fears of going up against the best pound for pound middleweight Sergio Martinez on home turf in the Spring. i

When the pair meet it will be in front of almost 50,000 fans at the Estadio José Amalfitani in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 27 and there ain’t going to be too many England fans in the crowd.

An unflustered Murray told Daily Sport b“It’s not daunting me at all. The crowd is going to be very hostile but I’m always in the zone when I enter the ring so it makes no difference what people are doing around me,”

“I’ll just be focused on going in there and doing my job.

“Naturally they’ll be some nerves before the fight, but that’s a good thing. I always feel some nerves, I like them and I perform off of them.”

Murray who travelled to Germany in 2011 to face WBA champ Felix Sturm and get a draw feels fights like this have prepared him well for his Argentine adventure.

Daily Sport says – We’ll be cheering Murray all the way and a victory could set-up a major domestic showdown with fellow middleweight Darren Barker.

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