Ogogo to be UK Golden Boy

© 2013 Daily Sport Limited
© 2013 Daily Sport Limited

Yesterday the man now recognised as the top boxing promoter in the world Richard Schaefer of Golder Boy Promotions was in London for the launch of his latest signing career Olympic bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo.  Schaefer told DAILY SPORT”We plan to make Anthony [Ogogo] a crossover superstar both in the UK and the US”

Plans were laid out for the waiting media that include Ogogo fight 8 times in his first year as pro with 4 UK fights and 4 US fights during this period, thus giving the youngster global exposure and the chance to fight on massive bills in the US alongside some of the best pound for pound fighters there are.

Schaefer was also in the UK of Golden Boy UK where they intend to stage 4 shows per year on British soil with the first being Ogogo’s first pro outing to be in late April or early May this year. Schaefer went on to say that he is currently looking to sign 1 or 2 additional UK fighter to capitalise on Golden Boy’s new venture here.

Ogogo said”Join Golden Boys was such are great opportunity for me and from the moment I met Richard [Schaefer] we got along and he had the same vision for my career as me” adding”When Richard told me when I set my mind on something I get and I though this is the man to guide my career”



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