Randy Caballero catches up with Daily Sport about fighting for the IBF crown


PZ:      When we last spoke in February, you were supposed to be taking on Jamie McDonnell in April, but it never came to fruition. Thankfully Golden Boy sorted you out with Kohei Oba, the Japanese bantamweight champion, who boasted only two losses out of a 38 fight career. Talk me through how that fight went and what it was like fighting in Japan.


RC:     Fighting in Japan was an amazing experience, especially as I was fighting in his hometown, but it was also the first time I’d ever been to this incredible country. I was expecting to get boos from the crowd and a cold reception from the Japanese people, but it was the complete opposite. They were incredibly respectful of me and after the fight everybody came over to congratulate me and told me I would be the next world champion. They made me feel like I was in my own home.


I was very hungry taking that fight on in his backyard and I knew I needed to go in there and get a knockout. I trained very hard for that bout. I was more than 100% ready and that’s why we came out with that 8th round knockout. That win threw my name out there and that’s why I’m now fighting for a world title, which I’m very excited about.

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PZ:      Last time we spoke Stuart Hall was the IBF bantamweight king, but he consequently went on to lose against Paul Butler. He’s now very hungry to regain his old crown. How much of a threat will he be on the 25th October when you both fight for the vacant IBF bantamweight title in Monaco?


RC:     Anybody who steps through those ropes throwing punches trying to take my head off is a threat! Just because it’s a world title, won’t make me do anything different to what I’d normally do.


I take my hat off to Stuart for being a world champion, but we know he can be beat and that’s exactly what we’re going to do on October 25th. I’m young, I train hard, I’m hungry and I’m ready to take over at 118 pounds and show the world who I am. Stuart Hall’s been a world champion, but it’s my time to take over.


I think our fight will be the biggest and most entertaining of the evening. I’m going to come away with that win and bring the belt back to where it belongs.


PZ:      You are just over a couple of weeks away from fight night. How’s the training camp gone?


RC:     Training camp is going amazing Paul! I feel really good and I’ve been in with great ‘come forward’ sparring partners who constantly apply pressure. Come fight night I’m going to be more than 100% ready.

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PZ:      Tell me a little bit more about the team around you.


RC:     My dad trains me inside and outside of the ring. He’s my mentor in all aspects. Jesse Garcia is our publicist who does a great job and Marciel who is our cut man. This is the team we took to Japan and it’s the team we are going to take to Monte Carlo. It’s a winning team and I’ll be even hungrier on the 25th.


PZ:      Are you still chilling out to Bachata music in your downtime?


RC:     Absolutely! That’s what I listen to when I’m running, training and at family parties that’s all we listen to!


PZ:      Are we going to see the ‘Randy Caballero Bachata mix’ coming out next year?


RC:     Ha! Oh no no no. My job is to box. Plain and simple. I’ll leave the singing to the people who can actually sing because I know I can’t!


PZ:      McDonnell is ranked higher by most sanctioning bodies than you at present. If he’s got a title to bring to the table, is that a fight you would like to still think about?


RC:     Definitely. I’m dying to fight in my home town, so once I’ve won this title, if the money and venue is right and he’s willing to come out here, I’d love to fight Jamie.


PZ:      Ideally, where would you like to be in 12 months time?     


RC:     That’s a good question. Obviously a world champion by then, but in all honesty, whatever Golden Boy has planned for me, I’ll do. I’m ready to take on the whole world.


PZ:      Who would you consider to be the biggest threat at bantamweight at present to you?


RC:     The only person who’s a threat right now is Stuart Hall because he’s fighting me for a world title. Other than that, nobody intimidates me in this division – I’ll jump in the ring with anybody at 118 and I mean ‘anybody’. I’m ready to take over at 118.

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PZ:      How important is it to you to have the backing of Golden Boy Promotions? What exactly do they do for you?


RC:     They have been nothing but great getting all my fights organised and getting me to this point in my career. They are constantly getting my name out there and give me exactly what I want in boxing. I’ve been with them since my 4th fight and they’ve been fantastic.  I have no intentions of leaving them.


PZ:      Oscar De La Hoya is a boxing legend. Has he given you any good advice on the times you’ve spoken?


RC:     Definitely. I don’t see him all the time, but when I do he’s always got some great knowledge and wisdom to pass on. He’s been around the sport so long and gives great advice both sides of the ropes. It means a lot to me.


PZ:      One lady who always seems to be in the background doing incredible work is Monica Sears (VP of Operations for GBP). How helpful has she been to you?


RC:     Monica is a great lady. Ever since day one of meeting her she’s been nothing but nice to my wife, my kids and my whole family. She’s incredible good at what she does and never makes a fuss. She has a huge love for boxing and GBP is lucky to have her.


PZ:      Any predictions for your fight against Hall?


RC:     It’s going to be a hell of a fight. Stuart Hall is coming for a battle because he wants that world title back and I’m not going to allow that to happen. I’m hungrier than he is and Monte Carlo is going to see a Randy Caballero that they’ve never seen before. The fans will be in for a treat.


PZ:      If Stuart Hall is reading this interview, what message what you like to pass on to him?


RC:     Stuart – you better get ready, because October 25th is going to be one hell of a fight!





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