Rumble on the Rock returned to Jersey with its 7th instalment, Eye of the Storm on March 9

Alex Reid hosts Rumble on the Rock’s seventh event as Zarcu wins main event via submission.


The main event pitted Jersey’s Bogdan Zarcu against Southampton’s Adam Fyfe. Fyfe came out strong but a big right hand from Zarcu dropped him like a stone. Zarcu pounced and delivered devastating blows from the top and as Fyfe tried to recover Zarcu locked in an anaconda choke and rolled until his opponent went limp. Referee Mark Day jumped in stop it as Fyfe had been choked unconscious by the Jerseyman. The crowd erupted as Zarcu took his victory and humbly thanked his opponent, his coaches and the promoters.

To start the show the crowd were welcomed by the newly formed ‘Rumble Rockettes’ dance crew who got the fans on their feet with their opening routine, then special guest Alex Reid took to the cage to introduce the DAILY SPORT sponsored show and explained about how impressed he was with Jersey’s knowledge of the sport and how well they had turned out for the spectacle.


GBCI’s Carl Williamson fight with Elite TC’s Marty Wolf was undoubtedly the fight of the night and also happened to be sponsored by the Daily Sport. Carl, primarily a grappler, shocked the crowd by going toe to toe with his opponent and floored him twice in the first, in the second Williamson slowed and seemed to be gassing but it turned out problems with his gum-shield were affecting him and Wolf swarmed on the attack. With one round each in the bag it was the work of the corner team to calm Carl down
for the final fray and he came out on fire, bloodying up his opponent and out-striking him the whole round, earning himself a unanimous decision

The only K1 fight of the night saw Lewis Smith make short work of Greece’s Mantas Meizeraitis and after landing several solid shots Smith knocked his
opponent out with a big right hand.


Michal Skowron from Jersey fought Leighton Buzzard Karateka Sam Stevens who had struggled with his weight the previous day; Skowron was determined to make him pay. Skowron came out aggressively landing with leg kicks and big right hands which were wobbling Stevens. As Stevens was struggling to cope with Michal on the feet he shot in for a takedown at which Skowron leapt to his back and sunk in the fight ending rear naked choke.


Sixteen year old Stevie Cox from Milton Keynes make his debut against Matt Scoble from Bath who was twice his age. Amazingly Cox dominated the entire fight with superior wrestling and grappling and took a unanimous decision that earned an ovation from the crowd when they heard his age.


Karol ‘Dirty Carlito’ Szymanski also went to war with Norfolk’s Carl Purkiss. This was a wrestling war with both lads looking for big slams and Karol was put in some tricky positions early, however he rallied back to get a dominant position and rain down heavy punches on his more experienced opponent which continued to round end. With Purkiss struggling to get back to his feet the referee stopped the fight between round declaring Szymanski the victor.

Mike D’Aguiar from Andover took on Southampton’s Mike Willis. Willis was dominant in the grappling but D’Aguiar pulled off the move of the fight with a matrix style flying scissor kick that earned his opponent a trip to the hospital later in the night, but it was not enough to finish the fight at the time and Willis
eventually took the submission victory via armbar.


The only other fight of the night saw Bath’s Adam Drescher took on Shane Grady from Norfolk in a battle of the country folk. These two bulls went
straight at each other and got the cage shaking early with big slams and ground assaults, and it was Drescher who managed to get a dominant position
and finish his ground opponent with a TKO in the 1st.

After all the fights Alex Reid took to the cage one last time to say having fought all over the UK, this was one of the best shows he had witnessed and how impressed he was with the local talent and spectators. People left the arena eager already for tickets to Rumble’s next instalment.


Adam Drescher def. Shane Grady via verbal submission. Rd 1

Carl Williamson def. Marty Wolf via Unanimous decision. Rd 3

Mike Willis def. Mike D’Aguiar via submission (armbar). Rd 2

Karol Symanski def. Carl Purkiss via TKO (stopped between
rounds). Rd 1

Stevie Cox def. Matt Scoble via Unanimous decision. Rd 3

Michal Skowron def. Sam Stevens via submission (rear naked choke). Rd 1

Lewis Smith def. Mantas Meizeraitis via KO. Rd 1

Bogdan Zarcu def. Adam Fyfe via submission (anaconda choke). Rd 1

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