Traveller fighting legend to stage first licenced BKB show in the UK

legacy_auth_cgi.shEXCLUSIVE: James Quinn McDonagh the Irish BARE KNUCKLE BOXING legend is to stage the first ever licenced BKB fight on British soil this weekend [Saturday March 15] when his promotional company Knuckle Promotions under the rules of new governing body IBKBF there will be a BKB fight on his show entitled INCEPTION. This  event goes against the whole general public perception of BARE KNUCKLE BOXING as this will be a fully sanction bill with full paramedicts on hand staged at a quaility venue Goosedale Hall in Nottingham and not a tear up in a pub car park.

“The Mighty Quinn” who shot to fame in RTE programme KUCKLE who has been instrumental in setting up IBKBF and making BKB a regulated sport for the 21st century told DAILY SPORT Boxing”This event has been 3 years in the making, we’ve sold over 500 tickets and have 5 BKB fights and 3 gloved fights on the card.”

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