Two Englishmen, an Irishman and a Welshman walk in to a World Pool Championship semi-final….

Two more days to go here at Lakeside and the articles get a little easier to write as we move towards the conclusion – and the naming of World Champions for 2014 – exciting stuff for those involved in pool and that’s a few million of us in the UK alone!

Saturday saw a bit of fun early evening with the final of the speed pool – no trophies, no titles but the top 32 faced off against each other one match at a time and the banter was both loud and leery – but surprisingly clean in the circumstances (with children present), and great fun for the crowds watching over the balcony, with the almost obligatory players falling over routine that was more slapstick than sport.

Moving back on to the more serious business and we soon knew the doubles final line up with Paul Coldrick and Yannick Beaufils taking on Lloyd Freeman and Chris Patrick who would have to be called the underdogs but are nobody’s fools to have got this far in a competition that was taken very seriously indeed by the top players which may have a lot to do with the decent prize money.

Back to the singles and tomorrows line up is now crystal clear with Clint I’Anson playing Craig Marsh first in what seems sure to be blistering contest of potting pool while hot favourite Gareth Potts got through to face Ronan McCarthy who is never ever easy to beat whatever tactics you attempt.  All four will be on the live stream via and should provide you with a lot more entertainment than a Sunday roast.Before the seniors final.....

As for tonight, well the Seniors’ final was the highlight with Paul Coldrick of France (who is clearly having a good week) taking on Andy Lucas in a race to seven and in a match up too tough to call for my little brain. Paul certainly started well (no offence but he has been the revelation of the week), before Andy staged one heck of a comeback to almost take it to the wire and a final score of 7-5 to the delight of his French fans both in person and on line. A deserving winner (if you play that much pool and still win, you must be some competitor), he gathered up the first trophy of the week and the chance of a second one tomorrow (greedy)– vive la difference!

Sadly, there can only be one winner.....

Sean Trivass

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