UCMMA 40 will explode at The Troxy on September 6


UCMMA 40Troxy better get reinforced seats as the place will be going crazy from start to finish the normal mind blowing sound system laser lights smoke n dancing girls will

Make it a fight party not to be missed. Celebrities from all walks of life will be there to witness no less than 15 fights including 3 massive title fights.


The heavyweight title consists of the Polish man monster Tomasz Czerwinski. If he lays a glove on you, you’re going out ! He has proved time and time again that he will stand and bang until someone goes down.


Now sporting a 6 pack, Tomasz has been away working on his all round game as he says, ‘September the 6th can’t come quick enough’. On the other hand, Paul Taylor just can’t wait either, he can only see this going one way, and that’s with his hands held high. Tayor moves like a light weight, changing angles and levels. If he sees a weakness, he moves in for the finish like a lion.


The middleweight champ and UFC vet Karlos Vemola, takes on the light-heavyweight champ Carl Kinslow. Both have world class wrestling skills and both have been in wars. If Kinslow wins he’s bound to be snapped up to fight abroad. However, Karlos just wants to keep racking up the wins to prove he is still the best.


David vs Golarth is the only way you can explain this next K1 Heavyweight title fight. Tony Giles called it on at the last press conference. He weighed in at 77kg but is sick of cutting weight. He wants the chance to dance with the devil. That is ‘Big bad Ben Smith’. It’s a crazy fight, but the fans sometimes want just plain crazy. Kinslow said he has never been hit by someone so hard as Ben, so Tony better watch out. Smith has had 4 straight wins in boxing and is more than ready but as Giles said, ‘He can hit like a train but he’s got to catch me.’ Don’t miss fight of the year.


Many more crowd favourites on the card- Catalin ,McIntrye, Davis, Beamount, Kayni, and many more. It’s going be a night to remember. Already, cage-side and gold tickets are down to the last few, so don’t delay, get your tickets today!


Tickets http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ucmma-40-tickets-11540783795

Fight card  http://ucmma.tv/index.php/component/content/article/1-latest-news/682-ucmma-40-fight-card

Promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tuf-d2TWgsg&list=UU8irOcdoPV-8UT1WqhwRKYQ


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