UCMMA 45 sets the Troxy alight


With 12 of the 14 fight card over in the 1st fight nights don’t get more high octane than UCMMA45. With EXPLOSIVE action from  the first bell of the evening this was an all action fight card to top all fight cards on the MMA scene, all topped off with the hottest ring girls on the fight scene right now from #TeamDailySport.

It was epic to say the least and the fans where the best you have ever seen it was like a scene from rocky when underdog and local boy Andy Cunningham was on the end of a massive combo

Rocked but not out he took a massive swing witch caught Rusu right on the button Rusu was out for the count and a new champ was born.

KO JOHNAnother dream came true as the main event saw John Demmel pound his way to victory after a huge slam by Catalin , John remained calm and worked his way to the cage where his power came into play he turned Cat around and just kept the big shots raining down until the ref stepped in.JOHN NEW CHAMP

Michael Shipman also showed his skill just keeps getting better as he became the middleweight champ big things for him in 2016 for sure and never forget the little guys Gio and Chris went at it for 3 rounds back and forth but as always only one can be champ and Gio went home with the belt.

This scacked card will be coming to your TV sceens courtesy of LONDON LIVE over the coming weeks.

The packed out Troxy hosted a great mix as always of ardent fight fans, newcomers and celebs from Deals, Wheels and Steals plus Big Brother.

Don’t miss the next big show on Dec 4 WCMMA 29 the Christmas show with UCMMA Christmas Party.

Tickets available from UCMMA Box Office



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