UCMMA 48 is shaping up to be a cracker come September 3

micky miller v paul dashI’ve been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to cover UCMMA 48 and as a life long hardcore fight fan I am loving it.

I thought i’d take myself on a little trip to see a couple of the guys training for UCMMA 48 and I managed to catch a couple of sparring sessions. Paul Dash and Dawid Zoltaszek at Fight Science Dawid is looking in great shape and for a man of that size and weight. He is looking lean and unbelievably strong, shook his hand and you can just feel the guy has naturally freakish strengh. He is very chilled and calm and to be honest he’s looking and sounding up for this fight.
Paul Dash has as always been a gent and let me bend his ear on how hes feeling for his K1 title fight against the game Micky Miller. He is really taking this one serious and wanting to even the scoreboard he had a short sharp message for Mickey “Last time was a mistake winning, this time was a mistake taking a rematch” I must admit its one I am looking forward to the most.

Not one to shy away from a fight Mickey seems to be almost amused that Paul has asked for this fight having this to say about the guildford based technical striker

“Personally I think Paul dash is deluded but hes asked for this fight and this is my shot at a title .. and so I’m excited about it.!. I just hate be the one to burst his bubble or is head for that matter but the result is going be same,Paul is going be conditioned the same way he always is, I mean this is his job all he does is train. The only difference this time round is I’m fitter, stronger , sharper and in the best condition I have been in of my life and i know he Doesn’t like to be hit so when i do load up on him and my right hand connects with his face, hes going to crumble . lets face it he may look the part I mean his Physique is admirable but…..be it natural? (laughs) the guy trains like a Trojan but in all essence he’s a manufactured fighter with no real substance to him! You cant polish a turd!. This shit is born and bred in me and I fight more than Paul I’ve had 4 fights since then, up against real challengers,. Im constantly active, no ring rust here. That’s why I cant see it going any other way. I am predicting a 1st round KO”

He goes on to add a message to Paul himself

“This is man against boy, Mr real against Mr fake… nature versus steroids! lol..Paul you can train all you want ..but it wont change your destiny”.

Ladies and Gentleman that I believe is the sound of a gauntlet that Paul dash threw down being picked straight back up!

I I’ll be sure to catch up with some of the other guys on the UCMMA 48 card and keep you all posted in the next couple of days but I am definitely hyped for it and am looking forward to being there for the live action.

Keep checking for more from me Terry “The Beak” Matthews and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Tickets available now from the UCMMA Box Office

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