UCMMA 48 Update

josh collins vs alex lohore - UCMMA 48Hello and welcome back, Its that time again for another little snippet of
the build up behind the scenes to UCMMA 48.

After speaking to a couple of the fighters this week its been a real
reminder of how high the standard is in this country and how there are so
many guys trying to push through to the top of the pile both domestically
and on the world scene.

It takes a certain mind set to fight at any level and then a totally
different one to fight as a professional fighter that is facing full time
fighters that are really sacrificing a lot and are 100% focused in being a
fighter and having a career.

Both of the guys Iv caught up with this week fit in this bracket and I have
to say from my point of view having been around and involved in Boxing and
MMA for the best part of 15 years its rare that you speak to guys and really
truly believe they could go onto become top level fighters.

Josh “Collision” Collins is a man that has that focus and is really getting
into his stride. Having only 1 points loss on his record from 2014 he is on
a fight win streak and keeps looking better each time we see him.

A gentleman to talk to he had some great things to discuss

“My prep is amazing im mixing up my cardio, technique training and sparring
which is allowing me to excel more and more.
I really don’t mind who I fight next, a fight is a fight. The challenge is
always within yourself, adapting to whoever is across from you. As wise men
have said” there is no opponent, the opponent is always yourself”
Much respect to Alex Lohore. He’s a strong fighter, but I’m looking forward
to bringing my skill set to the table and the new bag of tricks I will
bring, I want to go to the highest level, it’s a challenge and a test I have
set for myself.I fully believe I am capable of doing so.

To be honest so do I.

Alex Lohore is sounding in great confidence his training is going great and
when talking with him he is super relaxed.

He had some great knowledge of the mental game behind the physical side of
MMA and I really believe this is a key element behind becoming a great
fighter. Having only 1 tko loss to Carl booth in his 9 fight career he has
bonced back and is also on a 4 fight win streak.

When asked how his prep has been he said

“My preparation is going well 3 weeks to go and I feel good all the hard
work as been done now it’s all about getting the weight down”

As this is a title fight i asked where or who he might like to fight next
should he win the title

” I don’t think past what is in from of me but I am always looking for a
challenge. All I have to say to Josh is that I hope your preparation went well and
please keep my belt nice and shiny so it blinds the people when they put it
around my waste. My goal is the be know as one of the best fighter in the
world and own a title in the UFC”

These two pros have an identical Pro record and both have a great career
ahead of them.

No hype no nonsense and no glamour at least one of these guys will end up in
the UFC

Dont miss this fight!

I’ll be back with you soon

Terry “The beak” Matthews

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