UFC hero Conor McGregor has been challenged to a fist fight by a bareknuckle champ

Jimmy Sweeney kept his Bare Knuckle Boxing world middleweight title with an 11th straight knock-out in Coventry last weekend – and the 32 year old from Sligo then set his sights on McGregor.

He said: “Conor wants to fight the best boxer in the world (Floyd Mayweather), but he should fight the best pro bareknuckle fighter in Ireland.

“He’s Irish and he should fight Irish style !

“Boxing and bareknuckle boxing are pretty much the same and if he’s good enough to fight Mayweather, he should be good enough to fight me, bare knuckle.

“Once I had finished with him, he would never step out of the cage again.

“I know Conor had a few amateur boxing fights, but he hasn’t got the skill set I’ve got and he’s nowhere near Mayweather’s level.

“Conor is at the top of his sport and I’m at the top of mine – and we’re both Irish.

“I have the backing to make the fight happen and I’m sure the fight would generate millions.

“This isn’t just a publicity stunt.

“I want the fight.”


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