Usyk shines on heavyweight debut

Former undisputed world crusierweight KING Oleksander Usyk made his heavyweight debut on Saturday night [Oct 12] taking on Chazz Witherspoon and stopping the 38yo Yank inside 7 rounds.

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Usyk albeit 2 1/2 stone lighter than Witherspoon took his oppo apart with his superior speed coupled with dazzling boxing skills.

He [Usyk] felt out the opposition in the 1st and from round 2 onwards took him [Witherspoon] apart with clinical precision.

The ref looked like he might stop it in the 6th but Witherspoon held on.

Witherspoon took an almighty battering in round 7, just managing to stay on his feet until the bell. All credit to him for BRAVERY, but he couldn’t get off his stool for round 8.

Cracking start by Usyk in his first outing at a heavyweight and it he can do what he did in the crusierweight division? Then Ukraine has another world heavyweight champ in the making.

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