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Bradford’s Hamed Ghaz hasn’t had much luck lately with his headline appearance on your November 27 show scuppered when the show was cancelled.  What are the plans for him for next year?

We want him to fight Myron Mills for the English Lightweight Title, which will be a cracking fight and we’d like to get that on Fightzone.  He was supposed to be headlining for a title last Saturday (Nov 27) but because of circumstances beyond our control, the show was postponed.  

To be fair, we got boxers work when no one else was when we did the car park shows in Sheffield, and Hamed headlined one of those.  That showed our intent; we’re not in the habit of cancelling shows and we didn’t invent Covid.  It’s been really unfortunate for Hamed, but he isn’t on his own being pulled out of shows.  

We all rate Hamed, he’s a good fighter, a strong fighter.  He’s exciting and tough and will always be in good fights.  Hopefully we can get him in some big fights moving forwards, and our track record speaks for itself in doing that.  We just need people to be patient and we’ll deliver.

Can you tell us a bit more about your show at Sheffield’s Ponds Forge Arena, scheduled for December 17?

There’s almost three weeks to go and we’re still finalising the opponents.  We’re negotiating this Covid situation and trying to keep the shows going, but it’ll be a show with some big names on.  We’ll have Kash Ali, British Champion Tommy Frank, Anthony Tomlinson will be returning and we’ll also have big heavyweight Dave Allen on.  They’re all big characters, all big names in the UK – they all bring theatre and drama, and it shows how great our stable is.

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In the space of just six moths you’ve helped launch new boxing channel Fightzone, and added two world champions – in Hannah Rankin and Jack Massey – to your stable!  What are the plans for 2022?

We developed Fightzone and launched it in the middle of a pandemic, so it was a gamble but a calculated one.  We’ve now got more than a dozen champions, and in the space of the last two months – two world champions!  I never envisaged that kind of situation within six months of Fightzone launching.  I knew we’d get world champions, because it’s what I’ve done in the past, but not this quickly!  

Fightzone is now known all over and people are watching from around the world.  We’ve got interest from all over the globe from people wanting us to broadcast their shows, and we’ve already done a deal with a promoter in Canada (Lee Baxter) to show events from over there.  We’ll develop more territories next year, and I believe we’ll have at least one more world champion in the next 12 months.  

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