Jessica Ann


Your No.1 Daily Sport has gone and done it again with some exclusive shots of TOWIE babe Jessica Ann you’d have to be nuts not to love this sexy brunette’s 30G assets. Jessica Ann from Kent has more front than Margate so we had to snap her up for you to feast your eyes on.

20yo Jessica Ann loves Motocross and even rides her very own little pink moped. She says she loves to party, dance and socialise so we though you sound like our kind of girl.  She also loves Dunbstep and hates Marmite.

Great news for the Greek economy our Jessica Ann is going to work in Faliraki in the summer as a dancer, so if that doesn’t boost tourism nothing will.

Daily Sport says – Jessica Ann had just what we were looking for in a Daily Sport Babe so get ready to see more of her over the coming months.

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Photos by Dan Elcombe Photography


  1. What can I say about this girl, she is absolutely gorgeous! She’s on twitter: @jessicaann8091 Quite simply my no.1 Sport girl, love the naughty look in her eye! xxxx


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