Mark cross as tick ends saucy massage moment with Emily


TOWIE star Mark Wright had an intimate jungle moment with Emily Scott brought to an abrupt end when the Aussie glamour model found a tick in his hair.

The pair have been flirting ever since busty blonde Emily walked into the camp, and as they sat on the sofa together Mark made his move by asking her if she was good at giving head massages. “I might be, are you?” replied Emily.

“No, I’m not” said Mark and when Emily didn’t respond the cheeky chappy said he’s swap her a head massage for a shoulder massage.  “Can you do them?” asked Emily.  “I’m phenomenal at massages” declared Mark.

Mark rested his head on Emily’s lap.“Is that your boob or belly” he asked Emily. “My boob” smiled Emily.

Mark then closed his eyes for 5 mins whilst he enjoyed the head massage from Emily until she pulled away saying  “Is that a lump on your head, you’ve got a tick”. “NO way” shouted Mark.  “Why me, leeches, a snake under my bum eating something, I’ve had them all, anything and I will get it”

He then dashed off to the Bush Telegraph, clearly upset that their moment togther had been cut short.

‘Thanks for that, I was really enjoying that massage,’ he told the cameras.

However, Mark was totally oblivious to someone else who seemed to be rather involved in his and Emily’s massage moment.

As he closed his eyes and let the blonde star work her magic, The Real Hustle star Jessica-Jane Clement could be seen keeping a close eye on the pair.

The former glamour model – who is engaged to famous hairdresser, Lee Stafford, looked miserable and appeared to be rather gutted that she was missing out on the pampering action.

And as soon as Emily spotted the tick, she was the first celebrity to lean in and take a closer look.

Crissy Rock also examined Mark’s head and Fatima Whitbread accompanied him to the Bush Telegraph where he expressed his disappointment at the massage coming to such a quick end.


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