Agony aunt Andre gives Mark some love advice


Peter Andre turned agony aunt to give Mark Wright advice on his love-life after he was left downhearted after the departure of Emily Scott from the I’m a Celeb jungle.

TOWIE star Mark has been subdued and deep in thought since the public voted off the Aussie blonde bombshell and put and end to the blossoming onscreen romance.

As he sat on a log deep in thought about the new love in his life, he was joined by Peter who met his now ex-wife Jordan in the jungle.

“I don’t know how you feel, or felt, but I’m finding things hard with my ex, but I know it’s not right” Mark said to Peter

“It hurts me because, like you, maybe you love this girl more than you know”

“I loved Katie more than I loved anyone in my life, we had kids, a marriage”.  “You never lose that, yeah, being here is spooking me out” said Peter to Mark.

“Why can’t you find a different way?” Peter asked Mark about his ex girlfriend.  “We tried so many times” said Mark.

Mark asks Peter how he got over Katie as would like his advice.

“However I look at the situation, it’s not what I wanted” said Peter.  “Do you know what, I think this has moved on (points to heart) but this hasn’t (points to head).

“My heart has moved on, I’m ready to meet someone and all that but seriously, it’s your mind, it’s always there” said Peter.

“But I think my head has moved on as I want to be with someone else but my heart won’t move on” said Mark

“Then I’m sorry to say it, you’re gonna hate me but you’re not ready to”, “If she means something to you then there has got to be another way” said Peter.

Mark and Peter move down to the creek to have some privacy and the conversation continues.

“For years, it’s gone on and on and I know it’s not right” said Mark.

“10 years is a long time” remarked Peter.

“I looked at you up there and thought it must be emotional for you” said Mark.

Peter said, “With me, it’s hard for me and Katie because if I say I’ve moved on people think I’m being mean” .

Peter asks, “Are you saying you feel it here (points to heart), more than here (points to head)”

Mark replies “I know it’s not right (points to head)

“I’m a bit like you were at the beginning but I now need to flip (head and heart) so I’m like you” said Mark

“If this experience has made you clearer in the mind, then great, but it sounds to me that there’s still something there, I can’t imagine her not doing anything to make it right” said Peter. “I know she would” said Mark.


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