Crissy Rock exits the jungle smiling

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Actress Crissy Rock experienced the highs and lows of the I’m A Celeb jungle when she became the latest contestant to be booted off the show.

The 53-year-old was in seventh heaven after meeting her idol Peter Andre, but her came crashing back down to earth with a bump when losing the public vote off against Mark.

But the Benidorm star was still delighted as Ant and Dec read her name out to the group and she immediately gave Willie Carson a big hug.

“I’m going home Willie, I’m gonna have my bacon and eggs for ya,” she told him.

As the group asked her what she needed as she prepared to leave she answered: “Nothing, I’m going home.”

The scouser, who became famous for her role as hotel manager Janey York in the hit ITV comedy, managed 19 days in the jungle and was well-known as the camp jester who was always laughing.

“Freedom!” she shouted as she made her way across the bridge.

“Are you pleased to be out?” Dec asked her.

“No, I’m sad but I already won by getting here, I’ve had a lovely time. The pinnacle was Peter Andre.”

She also told them that she was shocked that she lasted so long: “I was in a coma for the first week, but I was on my holidays.”

She then went on to say that she didn’t regret not jumping out of the plane at the beginning of the show but said she’s had the “best laugh” of her life.

The conversation then moved on to the camp traitors and Crissy told the hosts: “We didn’t know it was for the good of the group and we had no idea it was Antony and Dougie.”

But after talk of the negative vibes in the camp, Crissy expressed her delight at having spent time with Peter Andre.

“If I’d gone out yesterday and missed that I would have been gutted,” she said.”He’s gonna give me special VIP tickets for me and my friend to one of his shows. So that’s fantastic.”

The last question that Ant and Dec asked Crissy was who she would like to see take home the jungle crown.

“At the minute Willie, because he’s been an absolute sport, She replied. “From day one he’s wanted to go home but he’s still there so either him or Fatima.”


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