Antony and Fatima exit the jungle in double eviction

Antony Cotton and Fatima Whitbread said farewell to the jungle last night – leaving best friends Mark Wright and Dougie Poynter to battle it out for the I’m a Celeb crown.

Coronation Street’s Antony could not hide his disappointment and said he was “gutted” after missing out on the showdown by just one day after he was the third last to leave the camp

The 36-year-old hugged the other contestants and said: “I’m absolutely gutted. I’ve come this far. I’d never thought about the final from the get-go until last night.

“I’m gutted but I did what I could do. I’m amazed that I lasted that long.”

Despite being a fan of the show, he told hosts Ant and Dec that it was impossible to prepare for being in the jungle, which was “emotional and exciting”.

He went on: “I suppose it’s at once the most liberating feeling you can ever have and then on the other side you feel like you’re locked in and you can’t run away.”

The hosts then asked Antony if he thought being friends with Mark was something that would never have happened in ordinary life.

“Our paths probably would never have crossed,” he said. “It was so fascinating to watch people in there.”

But someone who he wasn’t so keen to watch was Fatima, but Antony said that they’re relationship could have been a lot worse.

“I have been relatively tight lipped. I have watched what I’ve said in there” he told Ant and Dec, who laughed at the comment.

Fatima had earlier described life in the jungle as “the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had” before viewers decided her time was up.

The former Olympic javelin thrower  also looked gutted when she realised she hadn’t made it to the final but was comforted by Mark who told her she should be proud of herself.

Despite being so competitive, the former athlete did admit that she was surprised she’s also made it this far.

“There were some strong contenders in there this year,” she told Ant and Dec.

The hosts then went on to comment about her positive attitude and determination throughout her time in camp.

“That’s been my career for over 30 years. Ever since I was 11, I wanted to be a sportsperson. That’s been my way of life and it’s the only way I know,” said Fatima.

“We’re all different characters and personalities, but Ive always believed to be true to yourself. I speak my mind in a diplomatic way.”

The mother-of-one even had kind words to say about Antony who she clashed with virtually every day: “I’ve grown to love him, he’s a good man but he’s larger than life.

“I did feel sometimes he would like to skive a little bit from doing the washing up, ” she said.

Fatima finished her interview by saying ultimately she wanted to Mark to win the show.

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