Midweek 5 Minutes with Susie Summers


Today we catch up with SPORT BABE Susie Summers and here is what she had to share with us all here at Sport HQ.

Q1. What name would you like us to refer to you as? Susie

Q2. Where are you from? Cambridgeshire

Q3. Age? I’m as old as I look lol

Q4. Do you have any tattoos, and if so how many hours have you put into them? I have a small stiletto heel and a small butterfly. I don’t want anymore 

Q5. Any piercings? Just one in each ear. I like to keep it simple 

Q6. How did you get your started in the industry? I got an agent and the next day was published in Zoo magazine. My modelling career took off from that day 

Q7. How long have you been in the business? I’ve been in the business 10 years! 

Q8. What are some of your previous projects? I’ve done the Daily Satr, Daily Sport in fact I had a column a few years ago in the Daily Sport itself, Zoo and Nuts magazine, people Australia, and modelling fashion on TV. 

Q9. Do you have any upcoming projects? I’m always up for a new project as long as it’s actually modelling. I don’t do adult that’s not the same

Q10. What type of music do you listen to and who is your favourite band or artist? My music taste is super vast. It ranges from dance, R’n’B, 80s classics and rock ballads

Q11. Do you have any hobbies? My hobby is also one of my jobs… its keeping fit. I also love a good crime thriller book

Q12. Are you into video games? I grew up with a twin brother so yes. I’m partial to a Call of Duty Blackout game

Q13. Favourite sports and who is your favourite team or sports person? I don’t watch sport I’d rather be playing it

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Q14. Favourite type of movie and favourite all-time movie? My Favourite type of movie is a good thriller. My favourite has to be The Fugitive 

Q15. Favourite type of food and favourite meal? My favourite food is most foods lol

Q16. Favourite alcoholic drink? I’m not really a drinker I probably drink 1 alcoholic beverage a month if that, and it’s a diluted rose with lemonade. Just the one glass. 

Q17. Your No.1 inspiration in life? My inspiration is to never have to struggle in life

Q18. Measurements? I’m a 27 inch waist and 32G BOOBS, hips 36 inches ( I think) 

Q19. Craziest, wildest or kinkiest place you’ve ever had sex? It’s not  that crazy but it has a special memory because its with someone special. It’s a certain road in a certain town 

Q20. Do you prefer to make love or f**k? I think if its with someone special its a combo of the two

Q21. Favourite sexual position? Doggy but also missionary cos I like to kiss

Q22. An interesting or unusual fact about you? I was so highly published celebrity big brother asked me to audition back in 2013

Q23. What are your social media accounts? Insta @susiexgirl 

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