Easter-Ex Resurrection

Easter is a Christian holiday which marks the resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion. It is the joyful end to the Lenten season of fasting and penitence which gives people hope of eternal life – something that my ex’s also seem to have in common when it comes to holiday seasons!

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This Easter has been ripe with Easter eggs, as well as activity from ex’s, and it led to my musing over the reason for ex’s to slide into DM’s during such special occasions throughout the calendar. 

Firstly, special occasions are a time to see loved ones, friends and family as well as catching up with work colleagues and maybe having a drink or two, so it makes sense that when meeting with those that you are most fond of, you may also become aware of those who are absent.

Alcohol plays a huge part in turning our thoughts to the past and reminiscing over lost love; a bank holiday spent drowning sorrows in a pint glass leaves plenty of opportunity for overthinking compared to a hectic day in the office with multiple distractions to keep the mind busy.

And spare time in general leads to greater desire for social interactions. Perhaps going on a date with a new flame brings back thoughts and feelings of ex-partners that we subconsciously measure new people against without realising.

I see an influx of ex’s viewing my social media stories around special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and bank holidays and it’s something that has oddly become routine. Whilst their profiles are typically set to private I’ll recognise the name at a glance amongst my fans and often seen their new partner in their profile picture, their wedding photo or even children arriving.

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It makes me question what exactly led them to seek me out online when they’ve settled down and had a family, some 15yrs after we even dated. This in turn makes me question if partners I’ve had have still watched their ex’s from afar, as they typically silently view my content without making contact, liking or commenting on it.

And so to receive an essay out of the blue from an ex this week, asking to see me and telling me that nothing and nobody compares to what we had has left me a little surprised that the silence has been broken.

I think that deep down everybody wants their ex to eventually realise what they’ve lost and to be told that they were the best that they’ve ever had, if only for an ego boost! But equally hearing this makes me feel a little rubbish to think that somebody you were once fond of could be feeling so lonely or unhappy in life that they feel the need to seek out the past in order to find happiness. We should grow from each and every experience, good or bad, and use these lessons learned to bring us closer towards our goals and relationships that we are truly deserving of and are happy and healthy for us both.

I hope that we are all able to look forward in life, grow through what we go through and learn to love ourselves first so that we are ready and able to truly and respectfully love others. Please never seek happiness by returning to the past, but appreciate the beauty and opportunity of life by appreciating the present and counting your blessings for as long as you are fortunate enough to have them.

This Easter I’ll be enjoying plentiful dairy-free caramel eggs and orgasms that are very healthily ex-free too!

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