WHAT a show BKB 25 turned out to be!

It looked like our best ever show on paper – and that’s how it turned out.

The show had everything – knockouts, drama, upsets – and there was a full house at the Indigo at O2 to watch it.

It was five days ago and I’m still buzzing about it!

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Barrie Jones did say he may retire after beating Jimmy, but I think every fan will want to see a rematch between them.

The fight was in the balance when Jimmy was stopped and I know Jimmy is always proud to say that nobody has ever beaten him twice.

We will see what happens.                             

There was a dramatic turnaround in the other world-title fight on the show. Carl Hobley had boxed his way into a points lead, but Mickey Parker kept pecking away with jabs until Carl’s eye was swollen shut and the doctor pulled him out.

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We saw James Connelly finally get his hands on a belt, while Tegan Dooley got a win back for the Americans in our duel against BYB Extreme, though Marley Churcher thought he did enough to grab the decision.

I’m sure Marley wouldn’t say no to a rematch in the States.

The Sean George-Tony Lafferty was also desperately close, Sean’s knockdown keeping him ahead on the scorecards, while Ellis Lacy showed good skills and Michael Lobby plenty of heart in their battle of debutants.

Jonny Lawson tells us he is retiring after his loss on the show and that’s sad news for us.

Jonny was a real warrior who fought whoever was put in front of him and always gave his all.

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That was the story of his last fight was typical Jonny. There was an unbeaten knockout specialist who needed an opponent – and Jonny stepped in.

It took Jonny until his seventh fight to get a win, but the stats don’t tell the story of his career.

I remember a fight with Dean ‘Smudger’ Smith that showed what Jonny was all about. He was on the receiving end all the way through – until the final minute or so.

Jonny started landing with some heavy shots and ‘Smudger’ ended up being relieved to hear the final bell. That was Jonny. He was a real warrior.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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