Fatima out to 12/1 for jungle crown after clashing with Mark

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Fatima Whitbread may have been good at throwing the javelin, but she’s even better at throwing her toys out of the pram and is out to 12/1 to win I’m A Celeb after a series of spats with fellow contestants.

Tension flared in the Croc Creek camp when she took offence at a game made up by TOWIE star Mark Wright.

In an attempt to stave off boredom, Mark invented his own version of Family Fortunes, which he called ‘Family Jungle’.

Lorraine paired with Antony and Fatima with Crissy.

After he asked who his favourite footballer is, Fatima immediately said: “There is only one great British footballer and that’s David Beckham and if you haven’t got him, shame on you.”

Mark told her that wasn’t the correct answer, and a clearly irate Fatima then guessed ‘Redknapp’. Mark said he needed a full name, and she said Harry Redknapp.

Of course that too proved wrong as Mark revealed that the right answer was Jamie Redknapp.

“I’m not having that,” said an angry Fatima. Mark branded her a sore loser, and Antony tried to remind her it was ‘just a game’, but the adamant athlete moaned: “I’m allowed to have my opinion and the rules were wishy washy.

“It’s a difference of opinion, lets draw a line under it. I was a top athlete at international level for years. You need to be more respectful.”

Fatima decided to take a walk out of camp to calm down. She later called Mark over for a conversation, but insisted he turn his microphone off for privacy.

She then clashed with Antony over his cooking exploits and also Lorraine as she tried to dictate who did what tasks in the camp.

All the friction saw the public nominate Fatima the latest trial called “Rat Run” in which she will go head to head with Dougie Poynter.

And according to the bookies the ex Olympic star has ruined her chances of being crowned Queen of the Jungle.

Having been 3/1 before her tantrums, Fatima is now out to 12/1 with bet365.

Mark has hardened in to 7/4 favourite and Anthony is now the clear second favourite at 11/2 ahead of 13/2 chance Dougie.


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