Mankini Man Mark

After beating Jessica-Jane in the Celebrity Chest challenge a triumphant Mark carried his prize back to Croc Creek, but his joy was short lived as he and his camp mates got the question wrong and won a bra made out of coconut shells and a mankini!

The question was ‘How long do people spend kissing in their lifetimes? – “two weeks or two months.”

Mark said two months with the rest of the camp agreeing with him.  But it was the wrong answer so they won the booby prize – a bra made of coconut shells and a mankini.

Having worked so hard to beat Jessica-Jane and then getting the question wrong, Mark moaned “all that for that…I am going to try it on right now” as he looked glumly at the mankini.

Antony lent a hand in helping Mark fit into the small one piece and said: “You’re seriously going to do this? You’re not going to regret this?”

Mark adamantly said: “I want to put it on…I am here for a laugh”.

Antony, Crissy & Lorraine enjoyed the sexy striptease dance from Mark and urge him on by singing ‘You Can leave Your Hat On’ from the infamous strip scene in The Full Monty.

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