Rat-ima Whitbread proves a star

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Dougie and Fatima were chosen yesterday by the British public to go head to head in the Bushtucker trial ‘Rat Run’ to win dinner for their respective camps – and it was the former Olympic javelin thrower that scampered her way to victory.

The object of the game was for each contestant to enter an identical maze, each containing six stars buried in boxes beneath the ground. Ten small flags were positioned within the maze showing the celebrities where to dig, but only six contained stars & the other four were empty.

When Dougie was asked unknowingly at the start who he would hate to be up against he replied: “I am just hoping it is not Fatima…she is a gladiator & the one person I fear the most”. Meanwhile Fatima once she arrived was not surprised with her opponent adding: “Dougie is the one person I thought I would be up against”. Dougie then told Fatima: “You’re going to dominate me”.

When asked by Ant & Dec what they feared the most Fatima said, “Rats…” while Dougie joked “Goat demons”.

Dougie and Fatima had 10 minutes to search the maze for keys and  encountered creepy crawlies including cockroaches, rats, spiders, a bandicoot and a giant lizard.

At one stage both were tying on 4 stars,but it was Fatima who finally got all six stars before struggling to find the exit.

With only seconds to go she finally found her way and rung the bell –  winning some much needed food for Croc Creek.

Fatima admitted she was worried about the rats but even more about the giant lizard, “It was a huge thing…but you never know if they can get ferocious”.

A delated Dougie said: “I’m feeling really bummed”.

Fatima, who had proved ratty herself with her fellow contestants, then walked back into camp with a big grin on her face saying: “Winning was a good boost to our camp and I’m really pleased I was able to do that. It was tough but we won”.


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