Midweek lads special


I know I normally touch base on the football first and this week is no different. Firstly, I attended the Newcastle Cardiff game Saturday afternoon and what a pile of muck that was. Cardiff decided to have a mess about amongst themselves in the first half. Caulker bent over backwards twice for Remy to walk through but give him his due Remy was a class act. One thing you notice when you’re actually in attendance of a game is the players’ movement off the ball.  You can really see who is a good player and who has strokes of luck every now and then.  Remy and Cabaye are  the first of the two whilst the rest of the Newcastle team are average at best  and as for Cisse? Well I think there is a game going on in loony tunes land  that might end soon so he can get his talent back….guys a laugh. Cardiff did have a decent second half in them though so good for them.  It was uplifting to see Peter Beardsley looking well after the game too.  He’s a great ambassador for that club.

United, Liverpool and Chelsea had decent results.  The new United youngster looks sharp and I’ll touch base on him later.  Arsenal slipped up, it wasn’t a decent point at all and it was a 2 pt drop.  Top of the league or not they should have taken those points.  Shame on you Arsenal.

Now for my other tip for the league title ( Spurs ) what happened to them ? I’ll tell you what happened, West ham gave them a total schooling in their own back yard and I mean schooling, he says as he jumps about in his chair. 

Sam’s plan not to even play a striker was genius, span those fools right out.  Plus that guy they have been using lately is awful (cue Ravel) I was tracking this guy when he was in the Manchester youth team.  At one point Barcelona were keen on him but he was a bit of a menace off the pitch so they stayed well clear.  They do say every genius is a little crazy so what do you expect?  I saw him pre-season and I think he scored twice inside a minute in 2 games and seeing the interview with Joe Cole before the season the players were very excited about him.  I think he’s a great talent and as the season goes on I think he will get stronger.  I just hope to God we don’t cash in as he is something really special and a good deal like the United youngster (Januzaij) who has appeared and coming through their ranks.  So it seems the England team has a decent future, unless of course Januzaij goes off to play for his homeland Belgium.  Although the Belgian team may have to give him a great deal of encouragement to have him play for them.  We shall have to wait and see.  In my opinion Ravel and Diame tore Spurs apart.  They switched a few times and they made Tottenham love average at best.

I don’t think it was a case of Spurs playing poorly, I generally think West ham did their homework and out- played them.  One thing I noticed  with Spurs is that they do have a decent amount of pace, so they risk a good few players forward when they are on the attack.  If you have the pace in your team then you can hit them on the break …Vas te was lucky but he’d made a decent break.  Winston’s header was un-marked and Morrison’s goal was exactly my theory put in practice. On the break with pace will cause Spurs problems.   What a result and respect to the fans for not ruining it for them.  Games like that make you realise that this is the best league in the world. Anything can happen.

International break is needed I think for a few teams. I’m not convinced that the likes of Spurs, Chelsea, or Manchester United know what team is the strongest yet.  The teams that do are moving forward nicely.

Right then, I came back from Portugal last week and one thing I noticed is the weather.  It’s getting a little nippy, although still good for October so (liking my clobber) I have decided to check out the summer lines coming about this summer.  Here are a few links to check out to see what’s in vogue this winter:

I used to hate wearing my Blazer to and in school, but they look sharp and neat, so its got to be done.  With the winter nights drawing in, it saves taking a jacket out with you and apparently the ladies are keen on them too – only a little lacier.  The nicest ranges I have seen about are Ted Baker, so have a look:


As for jackets if you  do want to look sharp en route to work it seems the old school parkers are coming back with twists to mix it up  – same for the girlies too.  Again a must if you want to look sharp this winter. http://www.harrods.com/men/coats-and-jackets?viewall=yes

They always have a decent range there.

Stick to skinny jeans and loafers you cant go wrong .

Time to put the old flippies away!





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