Peter Andre set to re-enter jungle as a celebrity treat

Former I’m A Celebrity contestant and pop singer Peter Andre is going back into the jungle tonight to help camp mates win some much needed treats and compose a song.

The celebrities will be given a laminate announcing a day of treats and in order to win their first treat they must all get up and dance in the style of music played into camp.

Some of the songs they will have to dance to will be ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Cotton Eye Jones’ and Peter’s hit ‘Mysterious Girl’.

At the end of the dancing, a large box will enter camp with the words ‘TREAT’ written on the side and a large ribbon wrapped around it. Using a key the celebrities will then open the box and a surprise out will pop – Peter Andre!

Peter will then spend the whole day in camp and his first mission will be to inform the celebrities that they have to come up with a new jungle song.

The celebrities will be given instruments including bongos, tambourines, and a guitar and given one hour to compose an original song and perform it to Peter to receive another treat.

In the early evening a laminate for a quiz called ‘The Hot Tub Challenge’ will go into camp. The celebrities will then have to split into two teams of three. The teams will take it in turns to select a question from a pot and the celebrities name from a bag to see who answers it. The winning team will then win a hot tub party with Peter Andre.

Peter then spends dinner with all the celebrities in camp and afterwards only takes the winning team to his party which will includes romantic mood lighting and champagne on ice.

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