Emily exits jungle and admits that Mark is her Mr Wright

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Aussie babe Emily Scott admitted that she had the hots for Mark Wright after she became the latest star to exit the I’m A Celeb jungle.

The couple have spent most of their time in camp flirting and giving each other intimate massages, and when the show’s hosts Ant and Dec announced that the public had chosen her over Fatima to leave there was utter shock among the contestants.

TOWIE star Mark, 24, was clearly gobsmacked and distraught at the decision, and as Emily gave him a huge hug before she left she whispered in his ear “See you soon”.

When Ant and Dec later asked her how she felt about leaving, the glamour model said: “It feels amazing to be out. I’ve had the most incredible time in there.’

“I wanted to stay in as long as possible, but I’m proud of myself and proud of everyone in there.”

The hosts then went on to ask Emily how she’d felt about being a latecomer in the camp.

“Everyone was so welcoming,’ she said. ‘They really made me feel comfortable.”

“I was trying to get to know everyone as quickly as possible.”

The cheeky duo then got down to asking Emily the question on everyone’s lips, and asked her if there was anyone that she was drawn to instantly.

They were obviously hoping for Mark as a specific answer, but as Emily reeled off the other camp mates, they finally had to chip in and say: “What about Mark?”

‘Yeah Mark!’ she instantly replied.

‘He’s really sweet. He’s cheeky but it was nice to get to spend time together away from the camp.”

Ant and Dec then asked her straight if she fancied Mark, and the 28-year-old blonde bombshell went bright red, grinned and yelped: “Yes!”

She continued to blush as she was gently ribbed about her “flirting” with Mark, and when asked if she was now considering flying to the UK after the show is over to see Mark, she admitted: “I do want to go to Essex.”

Emily said she was now rooting for either Willie Carson, 69, or Fatima Whitbread, 50, to be crowned king or queen of the jungle.

However Mark remains the bookies odds-on favourite to win the show at 4/9, followed by Dougie on 6/1, and Antony on 10s. Willie is a top priced 18/1 ahead of outsiders Fatima (20/1) and Crissy (50/1).


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