Sexy Jess vows to become the jungle’s bikini babe

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Sexy glamour model Jessica Jane-Clement has vowed to wear just a bikini for the rest of her time in the I’m A Celeb jungle

after her first attempt at a Bushtucker Trial ended with her getting covered in slime.

The busty brunette got chosen by camp mates to take part in “Fair-Dinkum” in which she was strapped into a harness and

lifted above a mine shaft rail rack before being dropped into karts with various jungle creepy crawlies and critters.

She had just 1 minute in each kart to find 2 stars, and it was made extra difficult as they were tied to the bottom and she

had to undo them before throwing them outside the kart to bag a meal.

The first kart arrived arrived at it was full of eels, Jess laughed and said “That’s what I call my fiancé, it’s his name

backwards”.  As she was lowered into the kart she screamed at how cold the water was and started searching for the stars.

“I’m glad I took my false nails off yesterday, I couldn’t have done all this with them on” said Jess as she successfully

managed to get the two stars.

The next mine kart arrived and it was full of snakes, most celebrities would have screamed at this but not Jess; “I love

snakes, I love the feel of them”.  She was lowered into a kart with different breeds of pythons.  Jess struggled to undo

the knots which held the stars but managed to get one star.

The next kart was smelly fish guts and Jess only managed one star.

The 4th kart arrived and was full of rats. “I love rats” declared Jess, “Are you mad!?” asked Ant, Jess went on to

successfully get the two stars.

The final kart arrived and was full of black slime, Jess struggled to find the stars and her time was soon up which meant

she finished the trial with 6 stars in total for camp.

Once out of the harness she hugged both Ant & Dec making sure they had black slime all over them.  Ant & Dec asked if she

was scared of anything as she was fine with the rats and snakes; “I’m only bothered about spiders” smiled Jess, Ant told

Dec to make a note of that!

On her way back from the trail Jess said she was disappointed that she only got 6 stars; “I feel disappointed in myself but

I guess 6 out of 10 is better than 5, 4, 3, 2, 1”.

Jess then looked down at her gunky vest top; “This is my last vest top and I know I can’t get the gunk out of this so I’m

going to have to wear a bikini from now on” smiled Jess.

As Jess arrived back to camp she got a huge round of applause.


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