Prince William rules in the jungle


The I’m A Celebrity camp mates last night received a special challenge which saw Willie Carson crowned Prince of the jungle and select Lorraine Chase to be his Princess.

Each of the campmates had to declare why they thought they should be voted Prince or Princess of the Jungle, with the group voting for their favourite.

Putting his case forward, Willie said: “I think I should be the prince because I am the elder statesman of the party. I am the oldest one with the best experience in life and I would say I’ve had experience with the Royal Family and they’ve taught me things you would do if you became royal and basically that is what I’m going to say.”

Backing the jockey, Mark said: “I vote for Willie. He knows the Royal Family and I am sure that some of that experience will have rubbed off on him and he’ll be a good leader because he won’t shout at people and he’d do it in a civilised and gentleman like manner. I’m with Willie 100%.”

Pat meanwhile delivered a heartfelt speech and to some of the campmates’ bemusement, included a number of references to 1980s pop stars. He said: “I stand by my sword and deliver this speech to you all so you can see me as your Prince. After all I was one of the people who helped you win one of your best meals, the kangaroo meat meal.

“And last but by no means least if I was to be a prince I should allocate this sword to some popstars that I have played over the years so we start with Queen , I move onto Princess who had a hit record in the 1980s, and then I go to a band called King who had a hit with Love And Pride in the 80s and then finally we go to Prince and that is what I’d like to be.”

Dougie made an impassioned William Wallace style speech, saying: “I’ll decrease taxes. No more beans and loads more rice. They may take our lives but they can’t take our freedom.”

It worked for camp hottie Emily, who declared: “I vote for Dougie. He gave a very passionate performance”

Crissy said she’d like to be voted Princess “because I’ve sat by and watched you loyal subjects” “Do everything!” interjected Antony. “Do everything she acknowledged. “So I’m quite prepared for the challenges and I feel that my time has come to sit on the throne.”

Pat voted for Crissy, saying: “Her speech was the funniest, very witty and she said she’d look after us well as a princess.”

In the end it was Willie’s passionate speech which won the most votes, and saw become the jungle Prince. His first job was to choose a Princess. He contemplated his decision: “Do we go for comfort, speed or strength” he mused as he over his subjects.

He sat in his new throne overlooking the camp and declared to Lorraine: “I suppose I’d better take you my dear”.

The newly crowned Prince and Princess then went away to allocate duties for the remainder of the campmates. These included Dougie being named the Camp Bike to power the shower when any subject needs one. “If anyone wants a rubdown, I’m your man” replied Dougie.

Crissy was named Camp Jester and wore a jester’s hat, complete with bells. “At first after about ten minutes I thought I had tinnitus but I love it. It keeps the flies away” she laughed delightedly. Later on, she would have to perform a comedy routine for the other campmates.

Antony was Camp Chef, Emily and Jessica were named Camp Cleaners, and Fatima and Mark were Camp Woodsmen. To his chagrin, Pat was named Camp Skivvy.


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