Stroppy Stefanie goes into jungle meltdown

Former Hart to Hart star Stefanie Powers went into meltdown in the I’m A celeb jungle over the fact that the sun cream was not the tinted variety.

“People will call up the show and say there is a dead person on the programme, it has white zinc oxide in the cream and it makes me look like a cadaver, I need one with a tint, it looks like I’m dead. I really need to have some help here, the more I wipe it, the whiter it gets, ” she said.

She then stormed into the Bush Telegraph and demanded a scarf and said being on the show was no longer fun.

“I’d like a scarf, every time I put something out to dry it disappears, I need a scarf! It was lying on a tree and now it’s not there, now I’m getting pissed off my temper is getting to a point where this is not fun anymore. This is a f***ing TV show! Let’s just get this straight! Jesus Christ! We smell, we’re tired, we’re cranky and we’re bored.”

She also complained about Emily not knowing where Chile is. When Emily said that geography wasn’t her strong point, Stef said: “Your generation! I don’t know if it was your parents or the educational system but no-one taught you this stuff. Well now you have to catch up – you really do!”

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